Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Essay Helps for The Outsiders Essay: Is Johnny Cade Innocent or Guilty?

See a sample essay (labeled with the parts of an essay) about a different topic from The Outsiders:
Sample Essay -- Two-Bit Charged with Shoplifting
Here is another sample -- one we looked at in class -- for working on your essay: 

Sample Essay:

Bike Helmet Argument Essay

Here is our rough draft outline: 
Court Case The Outsiders.doc

If you still don't understand the structure for an argument essay, see this:
Outline for Argument Writing.docx

Introductory Paragraph (Also Called the Introduction) 

Introductory Paragraph/Introduction

Hooks for Persuasive and Argumentative Writing

Background Information

Thesis Sentence

Body Paragraphs

Body Paragraphs

Topic Sentences 

Topic Sentences


Evidence and Explanation


Citations -- Citing Your Sources


Transition Words I

First, also, along with that 

Conclusion: in conclusion, to sum up, in summary,  all things considered, in brief





Formal Writing
Formal or Informal? 




Revise Your Own Essay


Working on Your Essay
Open MyAccess. 
Open two windows and one extra tab. 
 One MyAccess is for 
  • My portfolio 
  • An Important Issue. . .  
  • Comments -- click on the pink dialogue bubbles.
You will look for comments here for what you should do. 
 One MyAccess is for 
  • Assignments
  • An Important Issue. . . 
  • Resume  or Start Revision
You will revise your essay here. 
 Open another tab for Skyward. 
Look at your scores so far for the essay. 
Look at the description for each of those assignments that count so far. 

To see the comments, select "MY Portfolio."

Click on the pink bubbles.

Consider each of the comments and make changes where they will improve your essay.