Thursday, November 9, 2017

Friday/Monday, November 10/13, 2017

Announcements and Reminders for November 10/13, 2017 :
Get out your Venn Diagrams.       
Penny Wars are here!
Contribute pennies and bills to earn points for your 7th grade class.
Add nickels,  dimes, and quarters to the other classes' boxes to sabotage their efforts.

Veterans' Day was on Saturday, November 11. 

And here is your Tiny Potato for today:

Today Ms. Dorsey is going to ask you to do a hard thing  -- learning some things about VERBS.  But you can do it!  Ms. Dorsey and Tiny Potato believe in you!  

I have regraded all of the essays from B5 and B7 
     that have had a D or an F.
Here are some helps for working on your argument essay:
Essay Helps for The Outsiders Essay: Is Johnny Cade Innocent or Guilty?
The links are under construction, but available.

Targets for Today:

  • I can read (and listen to) a variety of pieces of literature.
  • I can recognize and use verbs.  
  • I can compare and contrast  a book with its movie version, noticing how the story and our reactions to it are affected by the techniques used in each medium.

Today’s  Agenda:


 Verb Tense:  Verbs show time.  

Verb Assignment
  1. Receive a verb packet to work on.  Part of it may be easy for you, but others will most likely be challenging.  
  2. Complete exercise one on your own, then work with a partner to check your answers, then we will look at the answers as a class.   
  3. Check the first set from your packet here:   Verbs -- Exercise 1
  4. If time,  begin working  on the next exercise in the packet.  Carefully study the instructions and the table of answers. 

The Outsiders 
  • Use a Venn diagram as you watch the movie. 
  • I can compare and contrast  a book with its movie version, noticing how the story and our reactions to it are affected by the techniques used in each medium.
Directors, film editors, and others make deliberate decisions about 
framing, camera angles, lighting, editing and sound.

Consider the decisions that were made as the director, camera operator,  and film editors created each of these scenes.  

If You Were Absent:
Complete the verb worksheet.
Verbs Packet 2017.doc

Check the first set here:  Verbs -- Exercise 1

 Ask Ms. Dorsey for the answer key for the rest of the assignment. 

Argument Writing:  A type of writing that states a position on a topic and defends it
Hook: A sentence or sentences that will engage your reader – get their attention
l         Claim/Thesis: A sentence that states your position and includes your main reasons
           Introduction:  The first paragraph of an essay
           Topic Sentence: The sentence near the beginning of the paragraph that states the central idea of the paragraph
          Background Information: The information the reader needs to understand a topic and why it is being discussed
           Body Paragraph:  A paragraph that comes between the introduction and the conclusion
           Transitions:  Words or groups of words that connect ideas and show relationships
           Formal Style:  Writing that does not include contractions or the pronouns "you" or "I"
           Reasons:  Logical main points to support a claim
           Evidence:  Facts, examples, statistics, etc. that support a claim
           Explanation:  explains the evidence and shows how it supports your reasons/claim
           Counterclaim/Opposing Claim:  an opposing argument; something the other side would say 
           Rebuttal:  proving why a counterclaim (opposing claim) is wrong using reasons and evidence
           Conventions:  correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation
           Citation:  giving the source of the evidence 
           Conclusion:  sums up the main point of the whole essay 

Teacher Notes:

Movie for today
A1 21:55 to 59:52
A2 29:10 to 1:13:50
B5 21:18  to 1:01:53
B7  18:20  to 1:01:27