Monday, November 13, 2017

Penny Wars!

Today, Monday, November 13,  is the first day of Penny Wars!
Here’s how it works: Each grade is competing to earn the most points. You can earn points for your gradeby donating pennies and bills to your box located in the commons.

You can also sabotage other grades (take away points) by donating your nickels, dimes, and quarters to other grade levels’ boxes.

Whichever grade level wins will get to go to a CAVE Time assembly and watch:
 their student council representatives get a pie in the face AND watch their assistant principal get
his head shaved!
 If we make $3,000 or more: Mr. Tilley and Mr. Mitchell will eat a hot pepper
o $5,000 or more and Officer Lunt and Mrs. Josi will kiss pigs
o $10,000 or more and Mr. Schoonover will shave off his eyebrows
o $20,000 or more and Mr. Duckworth will also shave his head

We are raising money for Kevin Baillargeon and his family. After the announcements on November 13,  your teacher will  show you a video explaining why we’re raising money.
Just think: if every student donated $5, we could raise $10,000 and make a huge change for the Baillargeon  family! So start filling up the boxes in the commons with your change to be a part