Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Introductory Paragraph

Introductory Paragraph (Also Called the Introduction)

This is where you introduce your reader to the topic and give enough detail to help your reader understand what it is you are writing about.

Begin with a Hook to grab the reader's attention.

For your Outsiders essay, you need to provide the reader with the title of the book, the author, and the first and last names of the characters you will be discussing.

Your introductory paragraph will end with your

Thesis Sentence.


Here are the scoring requirements for your introduction:  
Hook and Background
5 = A hook that grabs the reader's attention, is not cliche, and provides enough background knowledge to help the reader understand what the essay is about. Includes the novel title and author.  Introduces the full names (first and last) of the characters.
4 = See above. May be cliche or lacking in background information. Will include the novel title.   Introduces the full names (first and last) of the characters.
3 = Attempts a hook and background information.

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