Monday, October 30, 2017

Editing Your Essay

2. Editing Mini-Lesson 

SMILES [Use your SMILES to Edit Your Work.]

Sentences -- Make sure each sentence has a 
subject and an action.

Marks -- End each sentence with a punctuation mark. Use commas, 
         quotation marks, semi-colons, and colons correctly.

Indents -- Indent each new paragraph.

Letters -- Start each sentence with a capital letter. Use capital letters on 

       proper nouns and proper  adjectives. 

Editor -- Use any editing program available, and also check your own 

        spelling, etc.  

(Spelling -- Double-check for the words you tend to misspell.)

Some Editing Hints for This Essay: 
Sentences -- 
Although Johnny had both his parents.  His parents were cruel to him. 
Marks --  Do not use exclamation marks unless they are in a quote from the book. 
Indents --  Do it, even if it does not seem to show up on MyAccess.
Letters -- Capitalize and correctly spell Socs, Greasers, characters' names.
Editor --  spelling, etc. 
      edit for pronoun reference  
     " Bob was going to beat up Johnny again and he killed him."
        Who killed whom? 
Other Spelling --  Where -were,  There-they're-their

For this essay, do not use contractions. 
would’ve     not                                    would of
could’ve      not 
                         could of
might’ve      not 
                         might of

would have

could have

might have

could not
did not 
can not

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