Thursday, October 5, 2017

Friday/Monday, October 6/9, 2017

Announcements and Reminders:
Your Book-of-the-Month is due Tuesday/Wednesday,  October 10/11.
Read your book before then and be ready to discuss it.  

1. September/October  Book Assignment
Date Due
Element or Aspect of Literature

October 10/11
We will hold the book discussions on these days.
Finish reading your book BEFORE your assigned day. 

Be able to summarize it and evaluate it.
Any Fictional
(a novel)
Character  and Conflict
      Who is the protagonist?
       Who is the antagonist?
What is the major conflict?
       Which type of conflict is it?
How does the protagonist change over the course of the book?   (Avoid Spoilers)
Does the antagonist change?

Types of conflict:
person vs. self
person vs. person
person vs. society
person vs. technology
person vs. nature
person vs. the unknown/supernatural

The term ends on October 18, and 
 the last day to hand in late or make-up work is October 11.  

Fall Break is October 19, 20, 23.  

Targets for Today:
Utah State Core -- Writing Standard 1 
b. Support claim(s) with logical reasoning and relevant evidence, using accurate, credible sources and demonstrating an understanding of the topic or text.

Today’s  Agenda:

Don't let me forget the drawings!  for B5 (because I forgot last time!)

1. Pick up your composition books and papers for collecting evidence. 
2. Individual, quiet  reading time -- Read your own book-of-the-month book, or another book.

3.  Working on your Outsiders Essay


Underline Thesis =  claim with reasons
Green:  Topic Sentences.
Yellow: Evidence
Blue:  Explanation
Orange:  Transitions
Purple: Citations

What is this essay missing?  

Writing a Thesis Sentence:    Claim with Reasons

Names for your essay:  
Johnny Cade          Robert (Bob) Sheldon       Ponyboy Curtis 

Which Sentence is "Not Good," Better, or Best?                            Central Ideas/Claims
I think we should not wear uniforms.

Students at American Fork Junior High should not wear uniforms.

Students at American Fork Junior High should not wear uniforms because they limit freedom of choice, self-expression, and the opportunity to develop skills and attitudes we’ll need as adults.


A1/A2 Did an activity with 
Claim, Reasons, Evidence, and Explanations

Claim:   I should have my own cell phone. 

Audience:  Mom and Dad

Purpose:  I want to convince my parents that I should have my own cell phone.

Formal or Informal:  Pretty informal

3. Continue collecting evidence for your essay based on The Outsiders.

4.  Hot Seat!   Speaking the evidence with Explanation --  "hot seats" and the rest of us observe and add to our pink evidence sheets.  

You can't just present a piece of evidence.  You must explain how it supports a particular claim. 

Reasons, Evidence, and Explanations -- Which is Which?

If You Were Absent:

See above.  Make sure you are ready, with your book read, for our Book-of-the-Month discussions.