Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tuesday/Wednesday, October 10/11, 2017

Announcements and Reminders:
 We will go into the computer lab next time to type our essays. 

Finish your book by October 17th, let me know, and I will add the points to your score for the book presentation. 

The term ends on October 18, and 
 the last day to hand in late or make-up work is October 11, unless you make other arrangements with me.  Also, if you tried to come to Cave Time on October 11,  you may come on the 12th.   I will host an enrichment -- Mock Trial -- from now on during Wednesday Cave Times.  

Cave Time on October 12 is open for anyone who needs to complete make-up work.  

Fall Break is October 19, 20, 23.  

Targets for Today:

Utah State Core
Reading Literature
I can  read and comprehend literature.
I can comprehend and report on the characters and conflict in a book, evaluate the book, and briefly summarize it.  

Today’s  Agenda:

Book-of-the-Month Presentations (in small groups)

Writing a rough draft for the argument essay about The Outsiders.

If You Were Absent: