Saturday, March 3, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Announcements:  No Cave Time on Tuesday.  Ms. Dorsey will be at the District Office.  If you need to work in the computer lab, see Mrs. John in Lab 223 or check whether Mrs. Sparks has Lab 211 open. 



Penny Warz this week!  Bring your contributions.  Remember to put only pennies in the seventh grade's container, and larger denominations in the eighth or ninth grades' containers.   (Notice how I used apostrophes!)

If you didn't pick up your next spelling list last time, pick one up  today, or just copy it from here:  

Vocabulary/Spelling #14           Test on March 9
 Suffix to study:   -ly which means in the manner of (adverb)
1.      sincerely       extra credit: < L sincerus pure, clean, untainted
2.      usually
3.      finally
4.      carefully
5.      immediately  

_____________ Today

Self-Starter: Apostrophes   (If you are absent, copy as directed, and create your own sentence on a piece of lined paper to be taped into your composition book.)

To Imitate:  Label  in your compostion book, “To Imitate.”  Add today's date.   Copy and imitate this sentence:
Tally's eyes searched desperately for any sign of iron or steel in the cliff. 
-- Scott Westerfield, Uglies (2005)
Ms. Dorsey wrote: 
Dally's muscles strained painfully to lift the heavy roof timber so he could pull Johnny from the burning church. 

Suzie's ears strained to hear the sound of the approaching train.  

sample imitations from Jeff Anderson: 
Ellen's eyes darted back and forth as she desperately hoped I'd drop some of my popcorn on the floor.
 Andrew's eyes searched the cafeteria for his girlfriend.  Back and forth went his brown eyes. She had disappeared. 
-- Anderson's student Miranda
Use this pattern: 
__(Pronoun or noun)__'s  ____(noun)___ ____(verb) ____ etc.

2. External Text Feature of the Day: Captions!   Captions
(If you were absent, examine the captions shown, and see if you can come up with the caption for extra credit.  What would you have to do to win the contest for best true caption?) 

3. Snow Flakes!

4. Begin Reading and Viewing Ice Story
A1:  Through prologue and chapter 1
A2: Through prologue and just into chapter 1, read first paragraph
A3:Through prologue and chapter 1
A4: Through prologue and began Chapter 1-- just into chapter 1, read first paragraph?

Sign up for your Book-of-the-Month!  Suggestions from the Media Center:

Books Mrs. Jones Recommended


External Text Features



with an opportunity for extra credit -- See the last photograph.   


 Extra credit:  Memorize stanza 1, 2, 4, or 5.

Extra credit: Memorize the limerick at the top of the page.