Saturday, March 31, 2012

The suffix -tion

Vocabulary/Spelling #18           Test on April 6, 2012        This is our last set!
Prepare for a test on all prefixes and suffixes.
 Suffix to study:   -tion  which means act or  state
1.       attention     extra credit:  The "at" part means "towards", and the "ten" part means  "to stretch or extend."  So if you are paying attention, you are stretching toward something.  Tension and tense come from the same word part as the "ten" part of attention. 
2.       population -- extra credit: "pop" means "people."
3.       operation --  extra credit:  "oper" means "work."
4.       transportation -- extra credit:  "trans" means "across."  "port" means "carry."



population - "pop" means people