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Editing exercise: Tape this into your composition book,
and carefully edit it.  This is from an “About the Book” by a seventh grade student.  I have added errors to some that were already there.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is about this little boy named  Bruno.   His father is the head commander of Auschwitz Camp.   His family moves to  house called "Out-With"   Anyway he meet a little boy named Shmuel.  Shmuel is at Auschwitz Camp.  Bruno meet  Schmuel while he is exploring.  Schmuel is on the other side of the barbed wire fence. Schmuels  family members was sent to this camp because they is Jews.  Bruno and Schmuel  becomes really great friends.  Bruno start coming to the fence everyday to talk to Schmuel.  One day when Bruno come to visit Schmuel he find out that Schmuels father has gone missing!

What are the two most frequent editing problems in this passage?
_________________________and _________________________

Another Apostrophe Review

Answer "Key"

2.  Spelling Test on "-ly" words    This suffix is sometimes called "the sign of the adverb."
You frequently turn an adjective into an adverb by adding "-ly" as in frequent to frequently.

3. External Text Features, Day 3

4.   More Ice Story and External Text Features
 A1:  Read from  almost end of Chapter 2, through page 11 to page 16. 
Video from 1:16:26 to 1:37

Read from almost end of Chapter 2, through page 11 to   page 16.
Video from  1:09:42 to end of first disk

Read from    almost end of Chapter 2, through page 11 to  page 15.
Video from 1:19 to end of first disk

Read from  almost end of Chapter 2, through page 11 to page 14. 
No video last time.  This time to 1:33:42, sighting of open water.  

You can read most of the book at 

 Book of the Month Assignment for March
We talked about the Book-of-the-Month Assignment for March.  Create an external text feature  (one) for your individual book -- one your book doesn't already have.   See the rubrics available in the classroom and also available to download and print here.

Bk of Mnth Rubrics 2 for External Text Features.doc

See more information under the tab above for Book of the Month. 

Next Spelling test:

Vocabulary/Spelling #15           Test March 15
 Prefix to study:   pre -  which means   before  
Extra credit is underlined.
1.      preposition  - noun -- The word part that "position" comes from means "to place."   Preposition  means “to place before.”  A preposition is placed in front of other words that it is joining to a sentence.  It shows the relationship of those words to the rest of the sentence.  No extra credit. 
2.      preview --  noun or verb -- The word part "view" means  "to see." To preview is "to see before." No extra credit.
3.      predict  -- noun  -- extra credit:  The word part "dict" means  " to say."  To predict is "to say before."
4.      precede -- verb  -- extra credit:   The word part "cede" means  "to go or move.”  To precede is “to go before.” 

Important:  You should have signed up for your nonfiction book.  See the tab above for Book of the Month for the assignment.  Rubrics for the external text features are also available in the classroom.
Apostrophes   and Subject-Verb Agreement