Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012


  • Your project for your Book of the Month (nonfiction) is due by March 29.   You should have already signed up for your book.

Create an external text feature  (one) for your individual book -- one your book doesn't already have.   See the rubrics available in the classroom and also available to download and print here. 

Bk of Mnth Rubrics 2 for External Text Features(2).doc

explanation of project.docx 

See more information under the tab above for Book of the Month. 

  • Cave Time Intervention is Available Tuesday through Friday of this week. 
  • This week first priority is given to failing students.
  • Last Friday was the last day for passing students to hand in revised or late work.
  • Last Friday was the last day to hand in extra credit.

Self-Starter: Make sure everyone in your group has filled in your assigned part of of the goldenrod packets for chapters 11-17+.  Prepare to tell the class about what you read.  Every member of your group present must participate.    

If you are done, go ahead and look through Ice Story for dates, people, and words, (and places if you have four group members). 
Take notes on the paper provided.  

Each member of your group will prepare one external text feature. 
  • It will have a title such as Timeline for Ice Story, Glossary for Ice Story, Who's Who for Ice Story
  • It will include your group name and your own name.
  • It will have 5 or more items, annotated, 
  • and at least one illustration.
(Notice that your own project will require more than this sample project does.  See the rubrics.)

Present information about Shackleton and Ice Story.
Finish filling out external text features page and each lifeboat creates as many external text features as they have crew members:  timeline, glossary, who's who, what's where. 
external text feature notes - whole class.doc 

Shackleton's Crew Photos

Places in Ice Story

(Computer lab 201?)


Great job,  Students!  You got a lot accomplished this week, and you're now experts on the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition!  Enjoy becoming experts on the topics you chose for your own book-of-the-month books.  

Your assigned external text features are due next Thursday. 


Have a great weekend. 


Last day of the term

The spelling words for the 29th are the "re-" words.