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Thursday, March 29, 2012

 Self-Starter:   Tape in under “Editing.”   Edit the following passage, watching for places where there should be commas and apostrophes, and where there might be a problem with subject-verb agreement.
Sixteen year old Katniss Everdeen volunteer in her younger sisters place to enter the Hunger Games, and are forced to rely upon her sharp instincts the mentorship of drunken former victor Haymitch Abernathy and her archery skills when shes pitted against highly-trained tributes who has prepared for these games their entire lives. If shes ever to return home to District 12,  in the arena Katniss must make impossible choices  that weighs survival against humanity and life against love.                                  Editing SV, Ap, Cm   Here is the document to download and fill out:  edit sv, comma, apostrophe.docx
A4 -- Presentation on Shackleton's Lost Men     A4 needs to watch the video from  1:29 -- getting ready to slide down the mountain.     Caroline Alexander, Endurance scholar: For scientific discovery give me Scott. For speed and efficiency give me Amundsen. But when you're in a hopeless case and disaster strikes, get down on your knees and pray for Shackleton.                                           http://americanradioworks.publicradio.org/features/walking/part01/meet.html           ___________________________________________    
Spelling Test:
Vocabulary/Spelling #17             Test on March 29
 Prefix to study:   re-  which means   again
1.    receive      Extra credit:    capere to take
          “i before e except after c”
2.    review        Extra credit:  vidēre, to see
3.    revise         Extra credit:  vidēre, to see
4.    revoke        Extra credit:  vocāre to call      Next and final spelling test:
Vocabulary/Spelling #18           Test on April 6, 2012        This is our last set!
Prepare for a test on all prefixes and suffixes.
 Suffix to study:   -tion  which means act or  state
1.       attention     extra credit:  The "at" part means "towards", and the "ten" part means  "to stretch or extend."  So if you are paying attention, you are stretching toward something.  Tension and tense come from the same word part as the "ten" part of attention. 
2.       population -- extra credit: "pop" means "people."
3.       operation --  extra credit:  "oper" means "work."
4.       transportation -- extra credit:  "trans" means "across."  "port" means "carry."
Computer Lab to finish external text features for your nonfiction books. Have your rough draft all ready, so all you have to do is type it up and add illustrations. 

Create an external text feature  (one) for your individual book -- one your book doesn't already have.   See the rubrics available in the classroom and also available to download and print here.

Bk of Mnth Rubrics 2 for External Text Features(2).doc

explanation of project.docx 

See more information under the tab above for Book of the Month.  

If you are done and have handed it in, you may have an opportunity to go to the Media Center.
While there, you could look for a book for our next Book-of-the-Month:

Contemporary Realistic Fiction


Important Reminders:

This Week During Cavetime -- Talent Show and Net Safe Presentation

Core Testing will be on April 19 and 23 in this class.  We will be testing on the computer.  

Context Clues for Seventh Grade



                       Learning Outcomes for Today Students will "show what they know" about the prefix "re-" and its associated spelling words.  Students will "show what they know" about creating an effective external text feature. Students will better understand what is meant by the genre "contemporary realistic fiction."  They will be able to select appropriate books for their next book-of-the-month, and will have an increased awareness of book genres they can select for their own free-time reading.