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Thursday, March 15, 2012

1.  Subject/Verb Agreement Lesson

Subject-Verb Agreement Rules for Seventh Graders

Here is a link to a sight that helps you find the SUBJECT of a sentence:

Here is Ms. Bills's PowerPoint:

2. Spelling Test Today:

Vocabulary/Spelling #15           Test March 15
 Prefix to study:   pre -  which means   before 
Extra credit is underlined. 
1.      preposition  - noun -- The word part that "position" comes from means "to place."   Preposition  means “to place before.”  A preposition is placed in front of other words that it is joining to a sentence.  It shows the relationship of those words to the rest of the sentence.  No extra credit. 
2.      preview --  noun or verb -- The word part "view" means  "to see." To preview is "to see before." No extra credit.
3.      predict  -- verb  -- extra credit:  The word part "dict" means  " to say."  To predict is "to say before."
4.      precede -- verb  -- extra credit:   The word part "cede" means  "to go or move.”  To precede is “to go before.”  


3. Receive handout for Next Spelling Text:  

Vocabulary/Spelling #16           Test on March  March 21
  •  Suffix to study:   -ment  which means 
                   action, state of, result of
Notice that -ment turns words (usually verbs)  into nouns.
Extra Credit is underlined.

1.     government       gov -  ern   - ment          
             Extra credit: “Govern” comes from a Latin word meaning “to steer” as in steering a ship.  

2.     equipment      e – quip – ment
                Extra credit:  “Equip” comes from an Old Norse (Scandinavia/Norwegian) word meaning “ship” because it originally had to do with fitting out (preparing everything needed for)  a ship.  
3.     environment      en-vi-ron-ment
                    Extra credit: “En” means “in.”   “Viron” comes from  “around, circle, turn.”

4.     amendment    a-mend-ment
                     Extra credit: “Amend” means to “correct, or to free from fault.”  (It has “mend” in it.)
                 Do you know about any of the amendments to the Constitution of the United States?


4.  Ice Story and Shackleton 

Name Lifeboats -- First choice given by answering questions.

 A1:  Read from    page 25
Video from  second disk 16:14.

Read from     page 25
Video from 54:13 killing the dogs

Read from  page 25
Video from  30:10?

Read from    page 25
From   second disk  28:00 


You can read most of the book at 

If time:  Purpose and Mood: Poem #2 on  Polar Poetry




  • The term ends next Friday, March 23, so all late, revised, and extra credit work is due by this Friday, March 16.

  • Your project for your Book of the Month (nonfiction) is due by March 29.   You should have already signed up for your book.

Create an external text feature  (one) for your individual book -- one your book doesn't already have.   See the rubrics available in the classroom and also available to download and print here.

Bk of Mnth Rubrics 2 for External Text Features.doc

See more information under the tab above for Book of the Month. 

  Subject-Verb Agreement