Monday, November 7, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

1. Self-Starter:  Word Sort
2.  Test on the prefix bi-

3.  Correct test and receive the assignment for your next test.
Vocabulary/Spelling #2              Test on  November 18
 Suffixes to study:   -able  and -ible which both mean capable of
                                                                          and are used to create adjectives.
Words to learn for the spelling test:
1. agreeable                                    3. edible
2. expandable                                 4. visible
                                                         5. audible    
Extra Credit:  Be able to tell what part of speech each of these is.  Hints:  They are all the same part of speech.  What part of speech do  -able and –ible make?
edible means “capable of being eaten”  
visible means “capable of being seen”   (extra credit --  Related words include vision and video.)
audible means “capable of being heard”  (extra credit -- Related words include audience and audio.)

4.  Read from The Giver and discuss the Book-of-the-Month assessment --
See the tab for Book-of-the-Month and/or

October/November Book-of-the-Month

4.  The Giver -- Distopian Fiction
   A1 to page 14
   A2 to page 8, page break
   A3 to page 8 , page break
   A4 to page top of 8

Reminders and Make-Up Work

Paragraph Make-Up Assignment

November Book Orders are still available.
Hints on popular books for this year's gift-giving from Scholastic:

 November/December Book-of-the-Month:  Distopian Fiction 
Our assessment will be on December 9.