Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Self-Starter:  Prepare for spelling test and, if time, read your book-of-the-month club book.
  1. Spelling Test on "extra-" and the words that go with it.  
     Prefix to study:   extra- which means beyond or outside
    Words to learn for the spelling test:
    1.    extraterrestrial
    2.    extraordinary
    3.    extravagant
    4.    extrovert                                   
    You are responsible for learning the prefix and the spelling words.

    Extra Credit:  Learn the underlined parts:
    terra: earth, so extraterrestrial means beyond or outside earth
    ordinem: "order." extra ordinem = "out of order," especially the usual order, so extraordinary means beyond or outside the usual order
    extravagant: vagārī “to wander,” so extravagant means to wander beyond or outside
    vert: turn, so extrovert means to turn beyond or outside
    Just so you know, an extrovert is someone who is turned outside of themselves.
    An introvert is someone who is turned inward. 
    An extrovert is outgoing, and an introvert is shy. 
    Our next spelling test:

    Vocabulary/Spelling #4              Test on December 9, 2011

    Suffix to study:   -ate which means cause, make, operate upon (This suffix makes verbs.)
    Words to learn for the spelling test:
    1.    separate
    2.    create (on state list)
    3.    segregate
    4.    dominate
    No retakes will be available, so study the words and word parts sets as they come. 

    Extra credit for spelling #4 -ate      Learn the underlined portions below:

    1. The se- in separate means "apart."     So separate means to cause to be apart.

    2. The crea- in create means "to make."  So create means cause or operate on to make.

    3.  The "greg" in segregate means "flock."   So segregate means cause to be apart from the flock.

    4.  The "domin" in dominate means "master or control."   So dominate means operate on as (or to) master or control.


  2.  Finish PowerPoint about governments and taking notes.   Learn about types of Governments
    PowerPoint and worksheet   Types of Governments.ppt        FormsofGovernment.doc
 3.   Read chapters 7 and at least part of 8 from The Giver. 

4.   The Ceremony of Twelve. 

Parent-Teacher Conference today
Book Fair today
Book-of-the-Month Assessment on December 9

You can use this worksheet to make up points when you misspell one of our seventh grade commonly confused words and lose points on an assignment (such as the paragraph post-test):  Commonly Confused Word Make-Up.doc