Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

Self-Starter: a. Pick up your composition book and a transition tape-in. Tape it in next under "Notes and Quick-Writes."
b.  Practice for spelling test.

2. Today:
Spelling Test on -able, -ible and associated words.

3. Brainstorm for Holidays and write a contrast paragraph about one aspect of two holidays.
Add and sign on "Poster" responses for holidays.  

As directed, write a holiday contrast paragraph in your composition book, right after the transition list in the "Notes and Quick-Writes section.

Writing a practice paragraph: 
Today's Prompt:
Think about how one holiday differs from another holiday. Pick one aspect of holidays in general (food, decorations, activities, gifts, reason for the holiday, colors, etc.) and write one paragraph contrasting (showing the differences between) the two holidays. Remember to focus on just one aspect.

Example of a Holiday Contrast Paragraph


4. Receive new spelling assignment:

Vocabulary/Spelling #3              Test on December 1, 2011
 Prefix to study:   extra- which means beyond or outside
Words to learn for the spelling test:
1.    extraterrestrial
2.    extraordinary
3.    extravagant
4.    extrovert                                   
You are responsible for learning the prefix and the spelling words.

Extra Credit:  Learn the underlined parts.
terra: earth, so extraterrestrial means beyond or outside earth
ordinem: "order." extra ordinem = "out of order," especially the usual order, so extraordinary means beyond or outside the usual order
extravagant: vagārī “to wander,” so extravagant means to wander beyond or outside
vert: turn, so extrovert means to turn beyond or outside
Just so you know, an extrovert is someone who is turned outside of themselves.
An introvert is someone who is turned inward. 
An extrovert is outgoing, and an introvert is shy. 

5. If time, read The Giver and play The Giver Game. 
A1 did not.
A2 did not.
A3 did not.
A4 did not.