Saturday, November 12, 2011

Suffix -able, -ible

For this test you need to know that the suffix -able, -ible means capable of.
The test will be on November 18. 

Your spelling words are agreeable,  expandable, edible, visible, and audible. 
Each of these men is being agreeable.

Wouldn't you love to have an expandable bracelet like this?

The centerpiece is edible. Yum!

Visible light includes the wavelengths we can see.  Infrared and ultraviolet light are invisible to the human eye.

When something is audible to us, we can hear it.
Extra Credit:  Be able to tell what part of speech each of these is.  Hints:  They are all the same part of speech.  What part of speech do  -able and –ible make?

edible means “capable of being eaten”  
visible means “capable of being seen”   (extra credit --  Related words include vision and video.)
audible means “capable of being heard”  (extra credit -- Related words include audience and audio.)