Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Self-Starter:  Individual Reading and sign up for Book of the Month if needed.

History of the English Language and receive your first spelling assignment.
Make-up absence by viewing the PowerPoint and filling in the blanks on the cloze document.

This is a the cloze document to download.  There should be more in the room, too.
A Brief History of the En.doc
See the PowerPoint during CaveTime or make arrangements for  after school.

Begin Prefix-Suffix Study and Tests: 
General spelling test rules: 
  • If you misspell or fail to capitalize your name, you will lose points.
  • If you capitalize words or letters that should not be capitalized, you will lose points.
  • A prefix, when it is written alone (not in a word) should be followed by a hyphen, such as "bi-" which is our prefix for the November 10 test. A suffix, when it is written alone, should be preceded by a hyphen, such as "-ment."
  • Every letter must be legible for a word to be counted as correct.  

Prefixes and Suffixes Chart 2010   -- This is a file to download.

Vocabulary/Spelling #1             Test on November 10, 2011

  Your first prefix is bi- which means two or halves. 

When you write it on the spelling tests as a prefix (not in the words), make sure you include the hyphen after it: bi-.
You will also spell the words bicycle, bisect, binoculars, and bimonthly.

If you can tell the meaning of each of those words (according to the word parts) you will receive more credit.

1. bicycle   = two circles or wheels
2. bisect = cut into two parts
3. binoculars = involving two eyes  (Ocular refers to the eye.)
4. bimonthly  = every two months or twice a month


Writing a Contrast Paragraph -- 

A1 received candies, make booklets, got into assigned groups, collected  words,   got started on topic sentence.

A2. got into groups, made booklets

A3  got into groups,  viewed/helped with model paragraph

A4  got into groups, viewed, noticed things about a model paragraph