Monday, November 21, 2011

Expand your Verb-edge

Extra Credit for Term 2, 2011

Play these games to learn strong verbs for various ways of moving.

Then be able to correctly identify at least five of these words:

Words in This List

  1. peregrinate: To travel or journey, especially to walk on foot.
  2. traipse: To walk or go aimlessly or idly or without finding or reaching one's goal.
  3. sashay: To glide, move, or proceed easily or nonchalantly.
  4. dawdle: To move slowly, languidly, or dilatorily.
  5. meander: To proceed by or take a winding or indirect course.
  6. saunter: To walk with a leisurely gait; stroll.
  7. trot: To go at a quick, steady pace; move briskly; hurry.
  8. canter: To throw with a sudden jerk.
  9. dash: To move with violence; rush.
  10. lope: To move or run with bounding steps with a long, easy stride.
  11. sprint: To race or move at full speed, especially for a short distance.
  12. mosey: To wander or shuffle about leisurely.
  13. bolt: To make a sudden, swift dash, run, flight, or escape; spring away suddenly.
  14. flee: To run away, as from danger or pursuers; take flight.
  15. flit: To move lightly and swiftly; fly, dart, or skim along.
  16. gallop: To run rapidly by leaps.
  17. skip: To move in a light, springy manner by bounding forward with alternate hops on each foot.
  18. skitter: To go, run, or glide lightly or rapidly.
  19. veer: To alter the direction or course of; turn.
  20. tramp: To tread or walk with a firm, heavy, resounding step.