Thursday, December 1, 2011

Forms of Government

Types of Government
Watch the PowerPoint and fill out the following chart to compare and contrast several forms of government, and to evaluate them.

What is the form of government?

Who is in control?

How much control do they have?
Rank these types of government from most desirable to least desirable: 1-8.
 no one

the people (demos)
 Their control is limited if they consider  the rights of others.

 The people turn over part of  their power to representatives that they choose.
 Representatives' power is limited because the people can vote them out.

the governing power is used without the consent of the people being governed

 a committee or other elite group rule
  potentially unlimited
Commmunism and socialism are often ruled by an oligarchy.
There is also a theory that all democracies eventually end up ruled by an oligarchy.


 The government owns everything .
 potentially unlimited


 The government does not own everything, but they do  control all businesses and finances.
somewhat limited but could include vast control


  A dictator rules and everyone must obey the dictator.

  An emperor, king, or queen—holds power for life.

English 7, Dorsey,  The Giver. Distopian Fiction 

Then there are combinations:  
For example:
-- Democratic Republic
-- Constitutional Monarchy 
-- Socialist Republic (though the reality may not match the label!)