Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

1. Self-starter:  Students copied the questions for the book assessment, to be used for preparing for the test.
If you were absent, see this post:   November/December Book-of-the-Month

Students had time to review their spelling -- all of the prefix and suffixes so far with their spelling words and meanings, and we played Sparkle.

2.  The Giver  -- We finished the ceremonies  (assigning of jobs and the one selection) if needed.

A1 -- to page 83, halfway down, and they wrote in their composition books a 1/2 page or more response to what they'd read in the book or to the poem "The First Book" by Rita Dove.  Instructions:  When instructed to write (under "Notes and Quick-Writes," quickly and constantly for five minutes about he part of The Giver we just read or about the poem.    The First Book -- Poem by Rita Dove
A2 -- to page 68
A3 -- to page 65
A4 -- to page 77

Reminder:  This Friday will be the Book-of-the-Month Assessment and you will also take this week's spelling test on the "-ate" words.