Monday, December 5, 2011

November/December Book-of-the-Month

Questions for Friday, December 9

November-December Book-of-the-Month Assessment
Answer five of these questions about your Book-of-the-Month book.  Don’t forget to use specific details, examples, and description from the book in your answers.

The Setting:
What is the setting – place- time?
What is the setting – government, society, community?
       What is good about it?
        What is bad about it?
The People:
    How do the people live?
The Rulers:
          Who rules?
How much power do they have?
If they live differently from most of the people, how are      their lives different?
The main character:
How does the main character find himself/herself in conflict with society?
Does he or she fight against the society?  How?
The Theme or Message:
What  does this book teach about how life could or should be lived?
--- about what is of value in life?
--- about how to balance freedom and security?
--- about what governments should or should not do?