Monday, May 13, 2019

Tuesday/Wednesday, May 14/15, 2019

Announcements and Reminders for Tuesday/Wednesday, May 14/15, 2019:

There are 12 days of school left.  Get caught up if you need to, and stay strong!  

Classroom library books should all be returned by Friday, May 17. 

You will need to bring a photo of yourself doing something -- by May 20.  We are going to use them to make small posters.  You will write about that experience using figurative language. 

A-Day:  If you didn't get a poem checked off last time, please do it today or ASAP!  

The test on word parts will be on May 22nd/23rd.  

Is there anyone who still needs to finish state testing? 

The rest of the year -- 
A Day 14th  Practice word parts with Kahoot/  Book Groups  -- assign posters
A Day 16th   Practice word parts with. . . ..  / Book Groups   -- posters 
A Day  20th    work on posters --   book groups
A Day  22nd  Test on Word Parts and share  posters --   book groups 
A Day  24th   Watch The Outsiders -- about 60 minutes
A Day -- 29th   Watch The Outsiders -- about  60 minutes

B Day 15th    book groups, practice word parts,  figurative language assignment --
B Day  17th    book groups, make posters 
B Day  21st      Watch The Outsiders 

B Day   23rd   Word Parts Test -- The Outsiders 
May 28 is Yearbook Day  

Targets for Today:

I can read and discuss a book.  

Today’s  Agenda for Tuesday/Wednesday, May 14/15, 2019:

A-Day Students -- If you didn't get a poem checked off last time, please do it today or ASAP. 

All 1.  Introducing the figurative language assignment

2. Practice word parts with Kahoot -- Test on May 22nd/May 23rd.

3.  Book Groups 
Meet Briefly to decide which pages you will discuss today.  

Read for 30 minutes
Write in your composition book or on a sheet of paper --
One comment,  one question, and, if you have one, one AHA moment. 


You will turn in to me as a group -- a best question,  a best comment, etc. 

A Long Walk to Water


Mississippi Trial, 1955

If You Were Absent:


 Help and Enrichment 
Bring a photo of yourself doing something.

Figurative Language

Figurative Language and Your Assignment
Figuratively Speaking Poster
By May _________– for English class
Bring a photo of yourself DOING SOMETHING.
In class you will create a poster about that photo including
-1 simile
-1 metaphor
-1 hyperbole
-1 personification
-1 onomatopoeia
-1 allusion

Extra credit for alliteration (at least three or more repetitions of a sound)

Sample picture and Figurative Language 
from the famous Ms. Dorsey

Though the night was as dark as pitch,  (simile/comparison)
seeing the play Nosferatu live on stage was a dream come true. (metaphor)
We were dying to meet the actor who played the title role. (hyperbole)
You can tell that the camera loved us as we danced with the vampire after the show. (personification)
Thud, thud, stomp, stomp went our feet.  (onomatopoeia) 
This was a vampire who neither sparkled nor made girls swoon, 
but spending time with him was a thriller.  (allusions) 
Very soon the villainous, vigorous, voracious vampire 
vanished from view.   (alliteration)

Extra Credit: Memorize Poetry  -- You could pick one of these to learn.