Thursday, May 9, 2019

Friday, May 10, 2019

Announcements and Reminders for Friday, May 10, 2019:
Mike Thayer, author, hunter, gamer, engineer, will be doing a presentation during

CAVETIME on Friday, May 10. Free Tickets are available in the Media Center. Space
is limited.

Also, he will be speaking during A3 on Friday, May 10.  If you are in any of my English classes and would like to go, and would be a great audience member, I can recommend you.                                         

Extra Credit: Memorize Poetry  -- You could pick one of these to learn.

Please return any classroom books you have checked out by Friday, May 17. 

Be very careful not to bump the projector or cart.

 Letters About Literature 
These students advanced to Round 2, state-level judging, which is an achievement!   


Targets for Today:

I can write poetry!  

Today’s  Agenda for Friday, May 10, 2019

1. We discussed some of the word parts you will be tested on -- on May 20/21.
See the Enrichment box below.

2. Writing for Mother's Day
Today you will experiment with several types of poetry, and will 
write a "six (or more) ways of looking at" poem
or a tritina
or an ode
or a limerick or two
or one or more haiku
or an I Am Poem for your mom or someone else you appreciate.

If You Were Absent:

See Canvas for Gifts of Poetry
Watch the PowerPoint and write the poems.


 Help and Enrichment 

Mother's Day jokes:

Word Parts 2018-2019

tele = far

vis or vid  = see

"John Baird coined the word TELEVISION by uniting the Greek word tele (“distant” or “far”) with the Latin word vision (“to see”). Had the word been all Greek or all Latin, we might be complaining that there’s nothing to watch on the teleopsis or the proculvision." from Brian P. Cleary

What other words can you think of that include the word parts "tele-" or "vid" or "vis"?

therm =  heat

meter =  measure


project = throw forward

Inter = between 
ject = throw 


audi = hear
-tory = a place for

pre = before

dict = speak

What other words can you think of that include 

the word parts "pre-" or "dict"?

auto = self

bio = life

graph = write
What  words can you think of that include 

the word parts "auto" or "bio" or "graph"?

Since "micro" means "extremely small," what does microscope mean?