Monday, May 27, 2019

Tuesday, May 28 -- Yearbook Day

Bell Schedule 
B5 8:15-9:50 
      Receive and sign for Yearbooks
      Attend 2nd Assembly
B6 9:55-10:25 
B7 10:30-11:00 
B8 11:05-11:35 
Lunch 11:40-12:25 J Dawgs outside on back field 
A1 12:30-1:00 
A2 1:05-1:35 
A3 1:40-2:10 
A4 2:15-2:45

Hand in your Figurative Language Poster if you haven't.
You may take your posters if they have been handed in and graded.
Take your composition book, manila folder, and any of your graded work you'd like to keep.