Friday, May 3, 2019

Monday/Tuesday, May 6/7, 2019

Monday Early Out

A1 B5         8:15-9:25            70 Minutes
A2 B6         9:30-10:45          75 Minutes
A3 B7         10:50-12:00        70 Minutes
A4 B8         12:05-1:15          70 Minutes
Lunch         1:15-1:45            30 Minutes

Be very careful not to bump the projector or cart

Announcements and Reminders:


Targets for Today:

I can show what I know about English Language Arts. 

Today’s  Agenda:

Be very careful not to bump the projector or cart.

Hopefully, we will be able to take the RISE Test!  

  1. Remember to stow your phone.
  2. Bring a water bottle.
  3. Bring gum if you want.
  4. You may bring your own headphones/earbuds. 
  5. Bring a book to read in case you finish early. 

Eat and rest well before the test.  
Take the time you need, but don't waste time.  
Do your best and rock the test! 

Just for fun: My daughter's friend posted this on Facebook.

"Just now, I looked over my shoulder and jumped when I saw a giant bug sitting there. It was about the size of an earbud on a pair of headphones! A half-second before yelling, jumping out of my seat, and flicking it off of my shoulder, I realized it was the earbud from my headphones."

Question: What happens when a cow doesn't shave?

Answer:  It grows a moos-stache

Where do library books like to sleep?

answer:  under their covers!

If You Were Absent:


 Help and Enrichment 

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Stopwatch who?

Stopwatch you’re doing and pay attention!