Monday, January 15, 2018

Tuesday/Wednesday, January 16/17, 2018

Announcements and Reminders:

You will not need your composition books today.  
Be prepared with a pencil to take your Conventions Test on sentences, clauses, and these spelling words:   its/it's and to/too/two.   

Don't forget to be reading your historical fiction book, and finding out the nonfiction behind the fictional book.  
You should have already signed up.
Share your Google Doc with me as soon as you've finished it.

For those of you are reporting on her, see this information about Queen Elizabeth I: 

Yesterday was a special anniversary for her!

Targets for Today:

✣  I can read, research, and present. (How They Croaked Project)

✣  I can recognize and write complete, correct sentences. (sentences and clauses)
✣  I can correctly spell commonly confused words.   (it's/its, and to/too/two) 

Today’s  Agenda:

Tests on Conventions and Spelling Set #1

Receive Conventions and Spelling Set #2.
Conventions of the Week #2.docx

If you have signed up for a book from our classroom, make sure you have checked it out using the check-out binder. 

Today:  Finish your slideshow for How They Croaked, and share it with Ms. Dorsey.    How They Croaked Teaching Project Rubric.docx 
Important points:  
⇒ Your facts should be stated in complete sentences.  
⇒ You need at least ten different facts.   
  • The facts on slide 3 come from an outside source -- either or or both. 
  • The facts on slide 4 may come from How They Croaked.  (The other students aren't studying your chapter, and they will want to know how your person croaked!)
⇒ Slides 3 and 5 can actually each be more than one slide if you need more room to present your information!  
⇒ The best presentations tell MORE than what is on the slide.  

Today:  Add citations using Citation Machine

Creating Citations

Search for Citation Machine.
Click on the link.
                                      Select MLA.

Select  “Website.“

Copy the URL  from your outside source (the article itself),
and paste it into  “Find a website by url or keyword.”

Click on Search Websites.

When it shows your URL below that, click on “Select.”

Scroll down and click on “Final Step.”

Click on Create Citation

Click on “Copy & Paste,” and paste it onto an extra slide at the end of your slideshow.

To create a citation for the book,  I selected "book" instead of "website" at the beginning and searched using the title of the book.  Add 2011 to your search because that is the edition we use.  Here it the citation:   

Bragg, Georgia, and Kevin O'Malley. How they croaked: the awful ends of the awfully famous. Walker & Co., 2011.

Directions:  Creating Citations.docx

If You Were Absent:
 See above. 
Finish your slideshow at home and share it with Ms. Dorsey.
How They Croaked Teaching Project Rubric.docx 

  • To sign up for our Google Classroom.   
    • Go to your own school gmail account.
    • Find the nine-box at the top right.   
    • Find the icon for Google Classroom.
    • Click on the plus sign.                                                       
    • Type in your class code.   (Ask Ms. Dorsey or a classmate.)