Thursday, January 25, 2018

Friday/Monday, January 26/29, 2018

Announcements and Reminders for Friday/Monday, January 26/29, 2018:

No, not that kind of "slide show"!

Changes in due dates:   
Your slideshows for How They Croaked are due TODAY.
The Conventions and Spelling Test will be given January 26/29 -- today! 
Share your book projects with me by January 26/29.  
You will share your book projects with your classmates in class on February 1/2.

If you have not taken your last Conventions and Spelling test, come to a Cavetime.

Retakes are also available now.  Study first!

Congratulations to those who participated in the 
school talent show!  You were great!  

Targets for Today:
✣  I can recognize several types of phrases. 
✣  I can correctly spell commonly confused words. 

✣  I can read, research, and present. (How They Croaked Project)
            -- I can use reliable and useful sources for research.  
            -- I can select important ideas and facts from my research.
            -- I can read and then paraphrase to present. 
            -- I can successfully teach my classmates what I have learned. 
                       When I present,  my classmates will be able to hear me, 
                       and I will be able to tell, not just read, about my famous person. 

Today’s  Agenda:

Conventions and Spelling Tests  
your/you're, there/their/they're

Receive the information for the tests next week:  

Be prepared to present your slideshow.  There will be no time to prepare in class. 

Be prepared to present when you are called up.   Bring your blue rubric to the teacher. 

You will take notes (quiz questions and answers) on each presentation.   
You will lose points if you are not a respectful and attentive audience member.  

If You Were Absent:

Be prepared to present when you return to class if you have not already.  
Pick up or print out a copy of the handout for Conventions/Spelling Tests #3. 



Be prepared to present when you return to class. 

Book Project: 
Look at a sample:  Jan Feb BookoftheMonth 2017 Sample.docx
February Book of the Month,Sample 2

For the rubric and other information, look under the Required Reading/Book Assessment Tab above.   

Types of phrases:  noun, verb, adjective, adverb, prepositional
(with extra credit for infinitive, gerund, participle, absolute)

Types of sentences by purpose:
declarative/ statements
imperative/ commands or requests
interrogative/ questions
exclamatory/ exclamations


Presented today - B5: 
Preston O
Summer T
Jayla P
Jordan A
Kairi S
Keira S
Kaslee R 
Camilo F 

Grace Pitcher

B7 -- Present: 
Kennedy S  Marie Curie
Tayton L  Mozart
Alexandra C  Pocahontas
Hadli J  Dickens
Ethan P  -- Garfield

Deegan C  Napoleon
Tristan W  Columbus
Brock Di  Galileo
Marisoi V   Poe

Emily G   Elizabeth 1

Just for fun:  

New Harry Potter Story -- Not Really