Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Thursday/Friday, January 11/12, 2018

Announcements and Reminders:
 If you did not receive the Book-of-the-Month Assignment, get it from Ms. Dorsey, or from the handouts file at the back of the room. 
Or you can download it from here:    Jan BookoftheMonth 2018.docx

Sign up for your Book-of-the-Month, if you have chosen your book.
Sign up by January 12 for full points. 

Can you do this? 
Can you do this?
Sign up for the Talent Show today!
Today (January 12)  is the last day to sign up.

College Week
I taught at UVU for several years,
and four of my children went to school there,
and I took classes while I was teaching there!

I often attend the Shakespeare Festival.
 I take it as a college class,
and I've taken other classes through SUU.

One of my sons was in an art program there,
and we often visited him to watch him work
and to attend his events.

Monday will not be a snow day,
and hopefully not a sick day,
but it is also NOT A SCHOOL DAY!

Targets for Today:

✣  I can read the historical fiction genre,  research using reliable nonfiction sources, and compare the fictional and nonfiction versions. (Book-of-the-Month Project) 

✣  I can read, research, and present. (How They Croaked Project)

✣  I can recognize and write complete, correct sentences. (sentences and clauses)
✣  I can correctly spell commonly confused words.   (it's/its, and to/too/two) 

Today’s  Agenda:

Your test on sentences, clauses, and spelling it's/its and to/too/two is next time! 
Know how to spell it's/its and to/too/two.
Know the definitions of sentence and clause. 

A sentence is a unit of written language that contains a subject and a verb and makes complete sense on its own.   It must begin with a capital letter and end with a period, exclamation point, or question mark. 

A sentence is a unit of _____________________  ______________________ that contains a ______________
and a ____________________ and makes complete ___________________ on its own.   
It must begin with a ___________________   _____________________ and end with a _________________, _____________________   _________________, or ____________________   __________________. 

   A clause is the key element of a sentence.  It is a group of words that contains a subject and a verb.
It can be a main or independent clause which can form a complete simple sentence, or
it can be a subordinate or dependent clause which can form part of a sentence, but cannot stand on its own. 

   A clause is the _____________    __________________ of a sentence.  It is a group of words that contains a ______________________  and a _________________.
It can be a _________________ or ___________________________ clause which can form a complete simple sentence, or

it can be a ________________________ or ________________________ clause which can form part of a sentence, but cannot stand on its own.

Conventions in Sentences Investigations

Copy these sentences into your composition book under 
CSI Sentences/Grammar.  Page 83/84 +
Label this CSI # 15  and add today's date -- January 11 or 12, 2018. 
Jot down what you notice about these sentences, that might help with our conventions and spelling for the week.   

1. It's been a long time since my car lost its hubcaps. 

2. Because I won two new backpacks yesterday when I went to the mall, I now have two too many backpacks.

If you weren't here, see these comments about the sentences:    C.S.I. #15
If you need more:  Writing Sentences -- Clauses and Phrases

Finding Reliable and Useful Sources  -- Use The CRAAP Test.

Suggested sources -- See your Google Classroom
You may also go on  and use the sources there.

 The CRAAP Test  for




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I need information on a famous person, and it has information about him or her.

Every thing I've looked up here has agreed with other trusted sources.

"We are in the business of telling stories. They may be stories about real people or made-up people, but our true talent is imagining, finding, cultivating and bringing to life the most entertaining parts of the human experience."

Paraphrasing --

Do NOT just rearrange text! 

Video -- Find a video (probably on,  create a new slide, click on "Insert" and "Video."  Use the window that opens to search on YouTube for the tile of the video you found.  Select and insert it.   You may not be able to view it at school.  You will share your slideshow with me, and I can show some of the videos.

Timeline -- use lines, arrows, and text boxes, or use a template that you find by going to "Insert," "Diagram," and "Timeline."  Click on the timeline template to see more timeline templates.

The Epitaph
An epitaph is a short inscription engraved on the headstone, grave marker, monument, or memorial plaque on the tomb or grave of a deceased person.  And epitaph is written in honor or memory of the deceased.  An epitaph may also be a short poem or verse written in memory of the deceased.    -

  • R.I.P. Mister Sewell
    The victim of a dirty duel, Peaceful rest

  • Rest in Peace Cousin Huet
    We All Know You Didn’t Do It

  • Here Lies Good Old Fred
    A Great Big Rock Fell on His Head, R.I.P.

Citing Sources (Citation Machine) -- Next time!

If You Were Absent: