Monday, January 15, 2018

Still Another Example of the Historical Fiction Assignment

Pearl Harbor
Merynn Anholt, B3
A Boy at War, Book of the Month Project

Non-Fictional Facts:

  1. The attack happened on a Sunday morning, on December 7, 1941. Everyone at Honolulu was very surprised by this attack. People were heading to church, spending time with family, or sleeping.
2.              The Japanese planes had red circles on them. In the book, Adam says he sees a plane coming in with red circles with white surrounding the circles. He thought it was fake, but then realized it was real.
3.              Japan and the United states had been edging towards war for quite a while. It was a surprise, but everyone realized that this is what they were preparing for. Japan finally took initiative and started the bombing.

4.              The attack on Pearl Harbor only lasted about a day. According to the website cited, the attacking planes came in two waves. The first hit was at 7:53, and the second at 8:55. It was over by 9:55.

5.              The ship the Arizona, was the first ship to sink. One of the bombs hit the powder magazine in the ship. This caused the ship to violently explode, and then sink. This ship alone caused a death toll of 1,177 people.


Why it is fictional: The reason the book was fictional was because of the characters. The main character Adam, was a made up boy. Another reason it was fictional was because during the bombing, Adam and his friends were fishing. One more fact was that he got into a jeep, and started driving home. None of these facts actually happened, because none of them have evidence and sources saying it’s true.

Why reading fiction is different than nonfiction: If you were reading a nonfiction book about Pearl Harbor,  it would not feel as if you could relate to the story. If it was a fiction book, it makes you feel as if you were in those persons shoes. Fiction stories help you feel closer to the characters than in a nonfiction book about Pearl Harbor.