Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Thursday/Friday, January 18/19, 2018

Announcements and Reminders:
Don't forget to be reading your historical fiction book, and finding out the nonfiction behind the fictional book.  
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Share your Google Doc with me as soon as you've finished it. Due Jan. 24/25
Look at a sample:  Jan Feb BookoftheMonth 2017 Sample.docx
February Book of the Month,Sample 2

For the rubric and other information, look under the Required Reading/Book Assessment Tab above. 

Your slide show is due by the end of the period today.  We will present next time. Share your slideshow with me by the end of the period.  I will provide comments to help you prepare to present. 
You need fifteen (15) facts altogether:  5 important dates on the timeline, 5 or more facts from your outside source, 5 or more facts from the book.  

When you present, you may want to show your questions first, so the students know to be looking for the answers.   You could make a duplicate slide, and place it at the beginning of your show. 

How They Croaked Teaching Project Rubric.docx 

Link to the Sample Slideshow:

Creating Citations.docx  

Posted on Skyward:
The How They Croaked Slideshow Assignment was due yesterday and today.  Each student will present (teach their classmates about their famous person) on Monday and Tuesday.  Slideshows should have been shared with me, but can still be finished and edited prior to presentations.  See the rubric attached to the assignment on Skyward.

I'm seeing a lot of capitalization errors.  Here is some help:   Capitalization

Targets for Today:
✣  I can read, research, and present. (How They Croaked Project)
   I can read historical fiction and nonfiction, report on what I learn, and compare reading about the same subject these two different ways. 
✣  I can recognize several types of phrases. 
✣  I can correctly spell commonly confused words.

Today’s  Agenda:

I.  Conventions in Sentences Investigations

Copy each sentence, underlining the phrase, and label it with the type of phrase that is. Label it with today's date and CSI #16.  

1. Joe is living near a busy urban airport.   (Since "is living" is a verb phrase, what type of phrase is "near a busy urban airport"?  There are two correct answers.)

2.  The sound of the wind frightened us.  
(Since "sound" is a noun, what type of phrase is "of the wind"?  There are two correct answers.)

3.  He very quickly ran out of the room after he broke the lamp. 
(Since "ran" is a verb, what type of phrases are "very quickly" and "out of the room"? ) For "very quickly" there is one answer.  For "out of the room" there are two correct answers.  

Practice Phrases and Clauses here:
then --

II. What you need to know for the Book of the Month Project  
Finding reliable sources - 
Finding Reliable and Useful Sources  -- Use The CRAAP Test.

With a partner, look up the site you are assigned and fill out a form for the CRAAP Test for that site. 
You will do the CRAAP test only on the site you are assigned. 
You can find these links on our Google Classroom.  

Sites related to  the novel Johnny Tremain


See also

You can also find these links on our Google Classroom.  

PARAphrase  It
Put it into your own words,
Avoid copying the text. 
Read and -- 
  • Cover or look away.
  • Think about what you read. 
  • Write it in your own words.

Ask yourself if you included all the important points and got the information right. 

Citing Your Sources:  Use the URL for your Book-or-the-Month project. 


III.  What you need to know for the How They Croaked Project

You will have about twenty minutes to work on your project.  They are due to be turned in/ shared with Ms. Dorsey by the end of the period.   I will help by commenting on your slideshow. You will then prepare them to be presented next time. 

How They Croaked Teaching Project Rubric.docx 

Creating Citations.docx  

         Place these on an extra slide at the end. 

Link to the Sample Slideshow:

If You Were Absent: