Sunday, January 21, 2018

Monday/Tuesday, January 22/23, 2018

Announcements and Reminders:

Tuesday:  Cavetime is the Talent Show for Seventh Grade.

Weekly Conventions 
 Your conventions test on phrases and the spelling words your/you're and their/there/they're will be next time.  
  See the bottom of this post for study helps.  

 Don't forget to be reading your historical fiction book, and finding out the nonfiction behind the fictional book.  
You should have already signed up.
Share your Google Doc with me as soon as you've finished it.  They are due Jan. 24/25, but since we are running late with our slideshows, I will extend the dates for the book-of-the-month one classtime each.
Look at a sample:  Jan Feb BookoftheMonth 2017 Sample.docx
February Book of the Month,Sample 2

For the rubric and other information, look under the Required Reading/Book Assessment Tab above. 


How They Croaked Slideshow 
   Your slideshow was due by the end of the period last Thursday/Friday.  I extended that to late Friday night.  Because so many students have still not finished and shared their slideshows, we will use part of today as time to finish up.  Some will present today, others next time. 

If you have not shared your slideshow with me, do so by the end of the period today.  I will provide comments to help you prepare to present. 

You need fifteen (15) facts altogether:  5 important dates on the timeline, 5 or more facts from your outside source, 5 or more facts from the book.  

Before you present, duplicate your quiz slide, and move one copy to right after your title slide.  This is so the students will what answers to be looking for -- a good teaching technique.  

How They Croaked Teaching Project Rubric.docx 

Link to the Sample Slideshow:

Creating Citations.docx  

Posted on Skyward:
The How They Croaked Slideshow Assignment was due yesterday and today.  Each student will present (teach their classmates about their famous person) on Monday and Tuesday.  Slideshows should have been shared with me, but can still be finished and edited prior to presentations.  See the rubric attached to the assignment on Skyward.
I'm seeing a lot of capitalization errors.  Here is some help:   Capitalization          

Targets for Today:
 ✣  I can read, research, and present. (How They Croaked Project)
            -- I can use reliable and useful sources for research.  
            -- I can select important ideas and facts from my research.
            -- I can read and then paraphrase to present. 
            -- I can successfully teach my classmates what I have learned.           
✣  I can recognize several types of phrases. 
✣  I can correctly spell commonly confused words.

Today’s  Agenda:

I.  Conventions in Sentences Investigations
Copy each sentence, underlining the phrase, and labeling it with the type of phrase that is. Label it with today's date and CSI #17.  
Ask yourself, "What part of speech is the phrase acting as?"

1) Aunt Audrey's drooling dog always gives me a wet and sloppy greeting
(Both of the phrases in #1 are the same type.)

2)  The spider in our classroom window has just caught a fat fly.  (This has two correct answers.)

3)  Selena should have been driving more carefully.  

4)  The spider jumped into Ms. Dorsey's hair(This has two correct answers.)

Spelling:  their/they're/there, your/you're, its/it's, to/too/two 
A bit of Sparkle!  

Presentations:  We had one or two presentations as examples for everyone. 

Students were then given time to finish up their presentations. 
Please share your presentation with me as soon as you can. 

If You Were Absent:




Phrases and Clauses
Here are some links to learning more about phrases and clauses:
noun phrase:
verb phrase:
then --

Gerund Phrases:

Infinitive Phrases: