Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday/Monday, February 3/6, 2017

Announcements and Reminders:

 ↠ Study your sentence diagramming guide if you haven't yet mastered the sentences on the quizzes we have been taking.  
Here is a link to more about diagramming: 

↠  You should have a composition book which you leave in your own folder under your own class each day.      

↠ Use your magical study guide to help you learn the word parts you will be tested on.
↠If you have not finished your magical study guide or had it checked off,  quietly complete the assignment during reading time. 
↠If you haven't finished your preposition manipulative, quietly finish it during individual reading time. 

Book of the Month:  Historical Fiction  Multicultural Fiction  (Make sure your book is NOT on the DO NOT Read List.
    Sign-Ups were due January 26/27
        ↠ Your assessment is due by February 9/10.  If you did not receive the handout, pick up one right away.

The last day to hand in late work, revised work, or extra credit   
for Term 3 will be March 10.  

Parent-Teacher Conferences are on February 9.  

Watch for a new word part challenge on the "spelling" bulletin board.  Only one class has claimed  the points on the first one yet! 

For the Health and Safety 
of Everyone Here, 
This Classroom is now a   

Targets for Today:

Students will compare an historical fiction account with a nonfiction account of the same event or period of time.

Students will better understand how sentences work,  so they can better comprehend what they read and more effectively communicate in writing. 

Students will practice reading for gist, doing a close reading, and skimming and scanning to answer particular questions.

Today’s  Agenda:

1. Individual Reading Time:   Read or. . .
If you have some questions/facts to check, and you have finished your manipulatives, you may show your questions to Ms. Dorsey, then use the Chromebook that corresponds to your folder/composition book number to find a reliable source to verify whether or not they are factual.

     A-Day:  Also:  Please respond to the Student Feedback Survey in Lab 224. 
Check your email for a message from Ms. Dorsey.  It contains the link to the survey.  
Or you can see the link on Skyward.  

2.  Sentence Diagramming Practice --  
       Finish  Write and Check. 
       If you haven't passed off the first three steps, after you complete the first Write and Check,
             take the quiz.    Basic Sentence Diagramming Review.pdf

3. Continue reading  A Long Walk to Water.

Read chapter 1 a third time, looking for everything you can find out about what family life is like in Salva's community. 
What is the Central Idea of the chapter?  

Then we will continue reading from A Long Walk to Water.

What is the difference between reading for the "gist" or general idea of what is happening, and doing  a "close reading"?  

Use a graphic organizer for repeated readings, 
look up the real facts. (This is practice for your book project, as well as a help to understand the background of the book A Long Walk to Water.)
What can I learn about the Civil War that was going on
 in Sudan in 1985?
Utah's Online Library: World Book Online, Student
Utah's Online Library: Gale Research in Context Grades 6-8
Look up South Sudan. 
Look up South Sudan in the CultureGrams.

Schools in South Sudan

If You Were Absent:

Continue to read your historical fiction or multicultural fiction book.   Look up facts you think may be true.  Collect information from nonfiction reliable sources about the true background of your book.
For the diagramming practice, see this document:  Basic Sentence Diagramming Review.pdf
Here is a link to more about diagramming: