Thursday, February 23, 2017

Friday/Monday, February 24/27, 2017

Announcements and Reminders:

If you brought your completed registration, turn it in.  There is a wire basket  for the registration papers on Ms. Dorsey's desk.     

You need your composition book!    

Practice test today on Word Parts!  Have you been studying your magical study guide?
See the tab above for  Vocabulary 2016-2017                 

Work Due -- If you haven't handed it in ----
As soon as possible, print your book of the month assessment, staple it to the front of the rubric, and hand it in.  Also share the document with Ms. Dorsey. 
  • Before you print, make sure you have completed all the parts of the assignment, including your five facts with explanation and citations; 
  • an explanation of why your particular book is fictional; 
  • and a comparison/contrast between your experiences reading the fictional and nonfiction account of this issue or event. 
  • Don't forget to sign if you've read the whole thing! 

Targets for Today:

I can read for enjoyment.
I can sometimes figure out unfamiliar words because I recognize word parts within the word. 
I can read to understand, to recognize elements of literature, and to consider ideas.

Today’s  Agenda:

You will need your composition book today.

1. Practice test on Word Parts!  Have you been studying your magical study guide?
See the tab above for  Vocabulary 2016-2017
      (Note to Ms. D. -- cover the list on the board!)

2.  Review of Point of View --   Point of View
       First Person
       Second Person
       Third Person 
   What is the point of view for A Long Walk to Water?

3. Review of  Plot Map:  Piper 
(This animated short just won an Oscar!) 
       Draw the plot map in your composition book under Notes.  

4.  Theme?  In your composition book, under Writing Prompts, write a paragraph explaining this  theme from the short film Piper.  

     Conquering our fears can lead to major rewards.

5. Read the book, and work on your packet for A Long Walk to Water. 
Study Packet for A Long Walk to Water.docx

If You Were Absent:

See above.  
See Ms. Dorsey for the Practice Test.  
Complete the other activities as outlined above. 
Study Packet for A Long Walk to Water.docx


Word Parts
Point of View
Plot Map