Monday, February 27, 2017

Tuesday/Wednesday, February 28/March 1, 2017

Announcements and Reminders:
Do not forget to study your word parts!
Test next time! 

Targets for Today:

Today:  I can select information from reliable sources that will help me write a convincing argument.  I can cite that source when I use information from it in my own writing.

Beginning today: I can write an effective argument essay.

Today’s  Agenda:
You DO NOT need your composition book today.

1.  Finish A Long Walk to Water  or finish it next time.  If you haven't finished your packet, complete it.   Then go ahead and finish reading the book.
Study Packet for A Long Walk to Water.docx

If you are done, pick up the two page packet for the letter/essay, and read through it.

The sample essay is to remind you of what an effective argument essay looks like.
On the back of that page, it explains why the essay earned 6's on MyAccess.

You've thought about charity, and you've read about problems that children in Africa have experienced (and are still experiencing).   You have become a sort of expert.  Now you are going to increase that expertise and then write an argument essay, convincing your readers to help solve the water problem in Sudan.  

2. Computer lab to do research for writing  an argument essay,
Your purpose will be to convince others to donate to Water for South Sudan.
        You may write 
  •          to students at your junior high, 
  •          to our administration, convincing them to host a fundraiser for this cause,  or
  •          to adults in your neighborhood or community. 


Strong Key Words 


You will use and cite the information available on      

Write a complete essay with 
         Introduction (and a great hook),
             at the end of the introduction an effective claim (thesis),
        two to three body paragraphs,  (Cite at least two pieces of evidence, etc. from the site you have been given to use), 
        plus a paragraph addressing a counterclaim, 
        plus a concluding paragraph.

  • Do not forget to use transitions.  
  • Keep it formal:  no "you," or "I"; no contractions, no slang. 

Log into MyAccess with your 
1. Research
2. Take notes -- collect information.  
3. Begin Writing

Getting into MyAccess: 
Username:  Your Skyward Login
Password:  Your Student Number 

  • You are the experts!   Convince others that this is a good cause.
  • As you research today,  remember that your reader most likely knows nothing about this subject.  
  • How can you explain briefly?  
  • What can you say that will convince them that this is a worthy cause?  

Argument Letter -- Support Water for South Sudan

Images for A Long Walk to Water


If You Were Absent:

 Here is the handout for the MyAccess project:  Argument Sudan Fundraising.docx