Thursday, February 9, 2017

February Book of the Month,Sample 2

Shooting Kabul
by N.H. Senzia
Kantrel Naki A.
Arabic words
In my book Fabi and his family have spoken some words that weren’t english. The words were real words but they are from a different language. The language was Arabic. Some of the words they used were Jaan, it means love or dearest. Or the word mashallah means whatever Allah wills. It is often used on occasions when there is surprise in someone’s good deeds or achievements.

When the people in my book came to America not long after did 9-11 happened.On 9-11 terrorists crashed planes their planes into two skyscrapers at the World Trade Center in New York. The two building collapses after catching on fire. There were many more attacks that day, and nearly 3,000 people died.

Refugee camps
To get to America Fabi and his family first had to go to a refugee camp to get to an airport so they could be safe. During the 2000’s there were nearly 150 refugee camps on the Pakistan - Afghan border. Millions of refugees were in these camps at the time. A big portion of them were from Afghanistan. After the events of 9-11 many people in places like Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, were trying to flee the country .

Banned things
When Fabi and his family were living in Afghanistan there wasn’t much to do because many things were banned. Things like books, dolls, and even music were not to be seen. You could go to jail or be punished if seen with any of the outlawed things.

Poppy Fields
Habib and Zafoona, Fabi’s parents, helped to get rid of poppy fields in Afghanistan. They did this to help the people. The poppy fields were used to make drugs. The poppy fields in Afghanistan were the largest source of heroin used worldwide.

One armed man
A man in my book was walking his dog when Fabi noticed that he only had one arm. During war in Afghanistan many people had lost limbs due to land-mines. Landmines are bombs placed on or under the surface of the earth, or in water. They are explosives that detonates when disturbed by a person, vehicle, or ship. Since the war started in 1988 the ICRC limb-fitting centre in Kabul has provided more than 100,000 limbs.

Taliban men
The Taliban men were one of the big reasons Fabi and his family left Afghanistan. The time they were living there the Taliban men had taken over more than 90% of the country’s territory. They are a group of religious students that ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. After the 9-11 attacks the U.S. bombed their country at their military sites until December 9 when the Taliban men lost control of the country.

How my book is fictional
My book has true facts about things that have happened throughout the world. But my book is fictional because Fabi and his family are made up. The things that happened to him are based on a story. All of the things that he went through are things that could have happened to anyone in that time period. All of my facts are true facts the book has stated, but the people are fiction.

Compare and contrast
When reading websites and looking up facts, the information in my book and the websites are mostly the same. The book tells what parts of what happened and it took the characters and made them feel how people would or did feel at the time.The websites tells more information that wasn’t extremely important in the book.They also give more detail. The book shows what happened from the characters point of view. But the websites just state what happened.


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