Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday/Tuesday, February 17/21, 2017

Announcements and Reminders:
There will be no school on Monday. 
This week is LIVE Week at our school.
   PTSA - LIVE WEEK!!!  February 21-24 the PTSA will be doing LIVE Week.  This week we will be focusing on “Life is a Valuable Experience!”  Each day we will have a theme.
Tuesday: We will be focusing on our choices.  One of our goals is to assemble Refugee Kits.  We need the help from both parents and students to make this happen!  If you are willing we need donations that can be brought to school to the PTA box outside the main office. The following items are needed: Buckets: 5 gal-Lowes 2.98, Home Depot 2 gal $1.48, or Dollar Store Laundry Soap: 40 load Walmart $4 Dish soap: 25oz Walmart .97 Sponges: dollar store 2/$1 All-purpose cleaner: Walmart or Dollar Store Kitchen rag: dollar store 2/$1 or (auto-motive sections) Walmart 30/$12.44 Costco 36/$15.99. We would love to be able to make a couple hundred of these kits to help refugees. We would like this all collected by Friday, February 17th. See Attachment for details AFJH Refugee 2017 flyer.pdf  If you have any questions about the donations please email
Wednesday: “Respect each other and their differences.” The students are allowed to have crazy hair or wear a hat.  
Thursday: “I will Honor the Cave.” The students will be rewarded for keeping the school clean.  They can also wear crazy socks.
Friday“Proud to be a Caveman!”  The students will be encouraged to wear their red and black caveman hoodies or T-shirts.  
We will have lunch time activities during the week.        

Work Due -- If you haven't handed it in ----
As soon as possible, print your book of the month assessment, staple it to the front of the rubric, and hand it in.  Also share the document with Ms. Dorsey. 
  • Before you print, make sure you have completed all the parts of the assignment, including your five facts with explanation and citations; 
  • an explanation of why your particular book is fictional; 
  • and a comparison/contrast between your experiences reading the fictional and nonfiction account of this issue or event. 
  • Don't forget to sign if you've read the whole thing! 

There will be NO CAVETIME with Ms. Dorsey on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. 

Targets for Today:

Write an effective paragraph.
Learn about the element of literature -- plot.]
Read more from A Long Walk to Water, applying what we have learned about plot, and watching for other elements of literature.

Today’s  Agenda:

1. Writing:  In your composition book under Writing Prompts,  label this entry "CHARITY."
  • Write about Charity.  
  • Consider how you feel about these words, then, 
  • write one paragraph with 
    • a topic sentence and 
    • supporting details about that topic sentence.  
  • Do not use the words "I" or "you."  
Some suggested topic sentences (or you could use your own):
  • Charity is important because. . . 
  • Charity should begin at home.
  • Charity is about more than money.
  • In our world, people expect charity too often. 
  • Charity helps both the giver and the receiver.
  • There are many opportunities to show charity.

2. Literary Elements:
We have looked at

  • Conflict with the terms protagonist and antagonist
  • Setting for time and place, recognizing that there are settings from macro to micro.

Today we will look at PLOT  Dug's Special Mission    TO   For the Birds     WITH    Lifted    BY

3.  Read from A Long Walk to Water.
In a novel, there is usually more than one climax.  (more than one "mountain")
The plot so far. . . . 
Another term to learn:  Inciting Incident

A1 is on page 44 or up to 50 up to page 70 if time. 
A2 is on page 56  to page  70 if time. 
B5 is on page 50 to 56.
 B6 is on page 50 to 56. 

If You Were Absent:

See above.
Write to the writing prompt.
Complete the Plot Assignment.
Catch up on your reading in A Long Walk to Water.
Study Packet for A Long Walk to Water.docx

Watch this video for LIVE Week:

Vocabulary:    See    Literary Terms

Inciting Incident:
Rising Action:
Falling Action: