Monday, October 31, 2016

Zombie Haiku Winners!

First place:                                          
Four by Emma B.  A2
what I eat are brains
for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
none for you, they're mine!

I walk slow towards you
to eat and gnaw on your bones
help me and walk slow!

if you touch my face
my skin will fall off easy
so keep your hands off!

I will moan and groan
but just because I do that
it doesn't mean I'm mad

Honorable Mention:

Lizzie R. 

I am a zombie
I want your brains, human man
You shall die tonight
       -- Ryker D.  A2

zombies like to eat
humans and gross yucky brains
don't touch a zombie!
       -- Kadence P.  A1

brains is all they want
do you have some to spare, sir?
brains is all I want
       --  Samuel H.  A2