Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Wednesday/Thursday, November 2/3, 2016

Announcements and Reminders:

Pull out your Book of the Month and start reading! 

Your next test will be on all of the spelling words.
Your Overall Spelling Test will be on November 8/9.

Sparkle (the game) Spelling Review during Cavetime tomorrow -- Thursday.

Your book of the month  assessment  will be on November 16/17.  You are reading science fiction or fantasy and will write about the setting and how it affects other elements of the novel.  

Targets for Today:

I can write my introductory paragraph for my Outsiders essay.

I can pick strong pieces of evidence for my Outsiders essay. 

Today’s  Agenda:

Silent reading. Be ready to talk about the setting of your book with your partner!

Come pick up Quiz of the Week #1 and your Argument Essay Packet!

Ready for a very serious packet?? We put this together to help you write your Outsiders Argument Essay in little parts. Flip through it for a minute. What are some things you notice about it?

Here are some important things to know about it:

  • You will leave your packet here in class. Sometimes you will turn it in, other times just leave it in your folder.
  • I will give you feedback on the things you write.
  • After I give you feedback, I expect you to change the things that I recommend. But that is not all! You know your essay better than I do, and you can think of other ways to make it better. There are specific spaces for you to REVISE in this packet.
  • By the time we go through the whole packet, you will have your whole essay written out by hand. We'll copy it over onto the computer after that.
Now pull out your green sheets and your composition books! Open to your character pages, or to your movie/book notes. 

Let's do the first page! (For now, skip the parts about Counterclaim.)

When you're finished, share your opinion and your reasons with your partner. If they have any ideas to add, they can give you some extra help!

Now a quick refresher:

  • What are some different kinds of hooks?
  • What should you do when you give background information?
  • How can you make your thesis/claim strong?
Go ahead and write those parts in the boxes there! 

When you finish, start looking through your green sheet, your character pages, and your movie notes. You're looking for the best pieces of evidence to put in your essay.

Keep in mind that you might have the ideas there, but without quotes from the book. Why is it important to use quotes as your evidence instead of just your words?

Look for quotes to support your claim and write them down!

If You Were Absent:

Pick up Quiz of the Week #1 and your Argument Essay Packet. Fill out the first page of that, except for the part about counterclaim. Write your introductory paragraph in the boxes and turn it in for feedback.