Friday, November 18, 2016

How They Croaked: Day 1

Begin reading How They Croaked 

Authors make choices!

  • The tone/attitude they have toward their subject.
  • The facts they chose. 
  • The conclusions they make based on  those facts

Excerpt:  Ludwig van Beethoven

                             What sort of book is How They Croaked -- what genre? 

                                 What makes a book nonfiction?  

Notice the TONE of the book
How They Croaked.
What is TONE?
How did you know what the TONE is for this book?
What effect does the TONE have on you?
Watch another day for the difference between

Utah State Core RI.4

Tone:  "Yes, M'am."

Famous Last Words 
Chapter 1: King Tut

This tangled "lock" remained unbroken for 3,245 years. It guarded King Tut's tomb until 1923.

Watch for this: 
Why do you think the author would have subtitled this chapter as she did? 

What evidence do you see that the author is NOT writing in a formal style? (She's not taking this entirely seriously.) 
page 4 Tut jerky?!
p. 5 “He was still dead.”


More about Tone and Mood

Notice these Words and phrases:
Do you know what it means to "hit pay dirt"?
What words does the author define for you?  (context clues)
Poof is both an interjection and onomatopoeia.

Interesting notes on this chapter:
The phrase “his next excellent adventure” is probably an allusion to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure -- a movie from 1989.

This story has a strong connection to the television program
Downton Abbey!

The Earl of Carnarvon, who owned the mansion that is
used in the television show, was the paying parter
in Carter's expedition that uncovered King Tut.
When Carnarvon died soon after visiting the dig, 

stories of a deadly mummy's curse spread around the world.
Interestingly, Carnarvon died from an infected mosquito bite.

How do we look at death?
What is the tone of this video? 


How They Croaked 

Extra Resources:

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    How They Croaked

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