Friday, October 7, 2016

Monday/Tuesday, October 10/11, 2016

Monday/Tuesday, October 10/11, 2016
Announcements and Reminders:
Your Book of the Month Assessment is next time.  Have your book read, and be ready to write about a character who changed and why.

Pick up Quiz of the Week #6! Grab your composition books and a copy of The Outsiders.  

Study those new spelling words for your test on October 14/17.
We will have an overall spelling test on October 25/26.  Review all of your words. 

Enter, if you dare, Ms. Dorsey's Zombie Haiku 
Contest! Extravagant (small, inexpensive) Prizes and Extra Credit

End of Term -  Just a quick reminder that Wednesday, October 26th is the end of the 1st term....  Work hard and finish strong!!
-Halloween costumes for Monday, October 31st,  CANNOT include full-face paint, masks, or weapons.  The Dress Code still applies; students and staff must be easy to recognize.            
        Extra credit if you dress as a book character.  If you do not have our class that day, either come see us or take a picture and send it to us.  

Late work, revised work, and extra credit for this term will be accepted only through October 19. 

Targets for Today:

I can identify a simple subject and verb.

I can write an introductory paragraph for an argument essay.

Today’s  Agenda:

1. Pull out your composition book! Open to CSI. Today we'll be building sentences instead of analyzing them!

Copy down this sentence starter, then add something onto the end of it.

"I tried..." 

Simple subject: the person/place/thing that does the central action of the sentence

Simple verb: the central action of the sentence

Come up with your own sentence starter with just a simple subject and a simple verb, then tell it to your partner. They will copy it down in their composition book and add something to the end of it. 

2. Now flip to your Class Notes section. We're going to practice writing a whole introduction for an argument essay!! Remember that an introduction will usually have the hook, background information, and claim. 

I'll model how we do it. Give me a topic to write about! Remember that an argument essay doesn't start with topics like "sports" or "scary movies". It asks a question or gives two sides to an issue. Here are some examples that we've written about or talked about in class:

Are competitive teenage sports too intense?
Should computer games be used in classroom instruction?
Would you rather be hungry all the time or sleepy all the time?
Are apps actually helpful or do they just waste time?

Now you will write an introductory paragraph (hook, background info, claim) for the following topics: 

Which are more important: social skills or academic skills?

Is conflict a necessary part of a healthy relationship?

3. Now pull out The Outsiders. Let's read!!

If You Were Absent:

Pick up Quiz of the Week #6. Practice writing an introductory paragraph for the topics above. Catch up on your reading in The Outsiders.

Study your new spelling words.  See quiz #6.  You will have your test on October 14-17.


Simple subject: the person/place/thing that does the central action of the sentence

Simple verb: the central action of the sentence