Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Thursday/Friday, October 27/28, 2016

Welcome to a New Term! 

Announcements and Reminders:   October 28

We had announced the Overall Spelling Test for the 25th/26th, but we want to introduce one more set of commonly confused words first. Study up on "are/our" and "where/wear" for your next test on October 31 or November 1Your Overall Spelling Test will be on November 8/9.

Your book of the month  assessment  will be on November 16/17.  You are reading science fiction or fantasy and will write about the setting and how it affects other elements of the novel.  

Grades are in for the term!   If 5 extra credit points or less would bump your grade up 1/2 a grade, we did it!  

Zombie Haiku Contest: This ended on Wednesday. 
Contest! Extravagant (small, inexpensive) Prizes and Extra Credit

Spelling Test:  October 31/November 1 on --
11. are/our
We are happy.
Our mother is happy.
12. where/wear
Where is he?
Did you wear your coat to school?

For more spelling helps, see

Targets for Today:

I can choose a topic from my green sheet for an argument essay.

I can collect evidence for my essay from the movie of The Outsiders.

I can compare the similarities and differences between the movie and book of The Outsiders

Today’s  Agenda:

Moment of truth! Pull out your green sheets. You've been collecting evidence from the book, and now it is time to look over that evidence and make a choice. Which topic has the most evidence for you to write an essay about? Look over your sheet and put a star next to the one that you will write about.

  1. Open your composition books to two blank pages in your Class Notes section. 
  2. On the left page, write the green-sheet topic that you chose on the top of the page. 
  3. On the right page, divide the paper in half. On the left half, write "Book" on the top. On the right, put "Movie".

 As we watch, I want you to compare the similarities and differences that you see between the book and the movie. Write as many details as you can in each column. The person who has the most details in each class will get a prize! 

Now we're going to move you around! You'll sit in groups with the students who chose the same topic that you did. Leave all your things at your desk except your composition book and a pencil/pen. 

Our First Class Novel: The Outsiders
Core Standards Addressed 8-21-13

the Curtis family before the parents died

If You Were Absent:

Look at your green sheet and pick an argument essay topic. Watch the first half of The Outsiders and use the movie to find more pieces of evidence to support that topic.

Study for your spelling test on Oct. 31/Nov. 1.