Monday, October 17, 2016

Tuesday/Wednesday, October 18/19, 2016

Announcements and Reminders:
Late work is due on October 19-- tomorrow!! That is the last day before Fall Break. Check the No Name basket if you think you've turned something in but you don't have a score.  The 19th is also the deadline for extra credit that will count on this term.

Prepare for your spelling test coming on October 25/26.

Remember to look for your next Book of the Month! The genre is Fantasy or Science Fiction. Look here for more information!

Get out your composition book. 

Targets for Today:

I can explain why a piece of evidence is so important and why it supports my opinion.

I can collect evidence from The Outsiders for a future argument essay.

Today’s  Agenda:
Pull out your composition book.
Time for a visual writing prompt!

What is happening in this picture? Write what you think, then three details in the picture that made you come to that conclusion. 

Now let's get in the mood to solve some crimes today... Do details matter? It matters even more what we do with them!

In this video, look for two things: 
  • The physical pieces of evidence, or details that Sherlock saw.
  • The things he learned from that detail
Let's do our Writer's Workshop and practice those deducing skills!

On the front side of the worksheet, you'll find a mystery to solve. You'll work with your partner, so keep your eyes out for pieces of evidence and what they might tell you. 

Now let's listen to The Outsiders!!

If You Were Absent:

Come pick up the Evidence worksheet and catch up on your reading in The Outsiders. Turn in any late work!

Evidence: Facts, examples, statistics, or quotes that support a claim
Explanation: What you say about the evidence; shows how the evidence supports the claim