Monday, October 3, 2016

Thursday/Friday, October 6/7, 2016

Announcements and Reminders:
There is a spelling test today! Take a minute to do some last minute reviewing.

Turn in your Quiz of the Week!! Remember to fill in your student number with the zeroes at the front, and fill in all your answers in the bubble sheet.

Don't forget that your Book of the Month assessment will be written on October 12/13.
-- realistic fiction ---  writing about how and why a character changed ----

Targets for Today:

I can write a claim with a strong opinion and supporting reasons.

I can collect evidence from The Outsiders for a future argument essay.

Today’s  Agenda:

Silent Reading. Remember that your Book of the Month needs to be finished by Wednesday/Thursday!

Take all your things off the desk! We'll take Spelling Test #4.

Now get ready to Make a Claim!!

Have you ever played Would You Rather? Turn to your partner answer the "Would You Rather" question.  You must give two reasons why you picked your answer.

  • Would you rather be constantly hungry (no matter what you eat) or constantly sleepy (no matter how much you slept)?


  • Would you rather live in a virtual world where all your wishes are granted, or live in the real world?
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Now we're going to practice using those opinion and reasoning skills in a more formal way. Pull our your composition books and open up to the Class Notes section. Let's look at a an example from USA Today

 First the hook: 
"When school opens next month in Seattle, most high school starting bells will ring nearly an hour later than last year, putting Seattle in the growing ranks of districts that recognize a basic scientific fact: Teenagers are biologically built to stay up later and sleep later. "

The Background Information: 
"Yet as another school year begins, most U.S. middle and high schools — five out of six — still start earlier than 8:30 a.m., the time recommended by many physicians and scientists.  Which means that older students are sleep-walking through their first few periods, after failing to get the minimum eight-and-a-half hours of sleep their bodies crave."

And now the claim:

"Sleepy students are more likely to be tardy, absent, inattentive in the morning, and less able to learn."

Now you try! Respond to the prompts below with your partner. Write a claim with at least two, maybe three reasons to support that claim, and each of you copy it down in your composition book. 

Do apps actually help us or do they just waste time?

Try this one by yourself. 

What is the best movie of all time? (Remember to give three reasons.)

Now one more. 

Are competitive teenage sports too intense?

Now let's read The Outsiders!!

If You Were Absent:

Turn in Quiz of the Week 5. Come in during CaveTime, before, or after school to take the spelling test.
Practice writing claims in your composition book. 

reasons  logical main points to support a claim
claim: a sentence that states your position and includes your main reasons
character  (dynamic character)  Character in Fiction