Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sample for September Book of the Month

Book of the Month Essay            Cindy Sue Lewis        Period B3             9-15-16        

       The book I read was The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.   It is fantasy, and the copy I read has 330 pages. 

Internal Conflict:
             The book begins with a wizard visiting a hobbit.  Hobbits are usually home-loving, comfort-seeking creatures.  So when the wizard Gandolph offers Bilbo an opportunity to go on an adventure – along and dangerous one, Bilbo has to make a difficult decision.  He experiences inner conflict.  Bilbo is of two minds about whether or not to go on the journey with the dwarves. “Then Mr. Baggins turned the handle and went in. The Took side had won. He suddenly felt he would go without bed and breakfast to be thought fierce.  . . . Many a time afterward the Baggins part of him regretted what he did now, and he said to himself,: ‘Bilbo, you were a fool; you walked right in and put your foot in it.’ (48)”
            He agrees to go on the journey, but sleeps in the next morning and wakes to find the dwarves already gone.  “Indeed he was really relieved after all to think that they had all gone without him, and without bothering to wake him up, . . . and yet in a way he could not help feeling just a trifle disappointed.  The feeling surprised him. (60)”
            When it actually comes down to it though, Bilbo runs out of the house “without even a hankerchief.”  The more adventurous part of him – the Took side – had won out in this internal conflict.   The result is that Bilbo goes on the great adventure which is told about in the rest of the book.

External conflict:
             Much later in the story there is a dragon vs. Bilbo and dwarves, then against the people of the nearby town, and then armies fighting armies, but earlier on there is a conflict with huge spiders.   The wizard Gandolph has just left the dwarves and Bilbo as they are about to enter a deep dark forest called Mirkwood.     Their experience in Mirkwood is partially man vs. nature as they experience hunger and thirst traveling through the woods.   But Mirkwood is also a place of dark magic, and there is an enchanted stream.  Anyone who falls into the stream goes into a deep, lasting sleep, and that does happen to one of their group.  That is man vs. the supernatural. 
            A major external conflict that takes place in Mirkwood is the battle with the giant spiders.
Bilbo had become separated from the group. “. . . then the great spider, who had been busy tying him up while he dozed, cam up from behind him and came at him. . .  As it was, he had a desperate fifth before he got free.  He beat the creature off with his hands. . . until he remembered his sword and drew it out. (207)”    Then he finds the dwarves, trussed up in spider silk,  uses the ring to become invisible, throws stones at the spiders.  and  teases them to draw them away from where the dwarves are hanging.   He is able to cut the dwarves down, then turns invisible again to help in the battle against the spiders, and “at last, just as Bilbo felt that he could not lift his hand for a single stroke more, the spiders suddenly gave it up, and followed them no more, but went back disappointed to their dark colony. (216)”  

            There are several  results of this conflict . The dwarves find out about the ring.  They now have no idea where the path is that they were to follow, and the dwarves had “changed their opinion of Mr. Baggins very much, and had begun to have a great respect for him. (217)”

I  read the whole book:  Cindy Sue Lewis