Thursday, August 25, 2016

Friday/Monday, August 26/29, 2016

Announcements and Reminders:

This Friday, Aug 26 is our first dance of the year. The 7th and 8th grade dance is from 3 to 4 after school and will cost $5 dollars.

 Cavetime begins on September 6. 
 School pictures will be taken on September 8. 

Your disclosure signature sheet and VIP form are due by 
August 26.

Your weekly quiz is also due on August 26 for A-Day classes and August 29 for B-Day classes. 
On question #6  , go to the tab for "Seventh Grade Core," then to 

State Core for Parents and Students.

See this link for needed supplies for this class:  

Welcome to English 7 2016-2017: Needed Supplies


Targets for Today:

I can remember how to use to, two, too, its, and it's.

I can use my student access code properly and take the SR reading test.

I can demonstrate my background knowledge of informative writing.

Today’s  Agenda:
Review commonly misspelled words.

Too- Look at the two little “o”s at the end of this one. They are buddies! This is used when we add a buddy to whatever is happening. (i.e. Clara wants a brownie, too.)

To- When you’re going somewhere, (i.e. I’m going to the library) you want your travel time to be short. This is the shortest way to write “to”, so we use it for travel! Also, it goes with verbs, like “to bake” or “to cry”. Since the interesting part is the verb, we want our “to” word to be short, so that the focus can be on the action!

Two- This one has the letter “w” in it. When we double (get it? Like double-u, like the letter “w”?) a number, we multiply it by 2. And this “two” means the number two! So “w” makes us think double, which is the number.

Its- This talks about belonging. When you own something really valuable like a cell phone or wallet, you usually keep it close to you. These letters are all close together, (no apostrophe in the middle) just like with our belongings.

It’s- This is actually two words, “it is”. When we feel lazy, we squish them together and use the apostrophe instead of the letter “I”. When you look at this word, pretend that the apostrophe is an “I”, and see if the sentence makes sense.
(The apostrophe is a substitute, like a substitute in sports.  The "i" got tired, so he apostrophe took its place.)

Take the SRI -- the Reading Inventory on the computer.
Take the Informative Writing Pretest

Using the computer lab:

  • You have an assigned computer number. 
  • Be quiet in the halls as you come and go to and from the computer lab. 
  • Learn and remember your log-in for school computers and your district gmail account. 
  • Learn and remember your student number.
  • Treat the computers and computer labs with respect. 
  • Work quietly. 
  • When you leave, make sure you take your own possessions, clean up around you, log off of the computer, and push your chair in. 

After you have finished the SRI (reading test), write the informative essay pretest on a Google doc through your school email.
Do not work on it at home.

We will finish them, and later copy and paste them into MyAccess. 
Students will be receiving their log-in information
to MyAccess soon.  (At least we hope so!)

SRI Test in Lab 211 

Bring a book or magazine to read in case you have extra time after you finish. 
Follow the directions you receive in the Computer Lab.
SRI Instructions 
  • Log onto the computer and wait. 
  • Select three favorite types of books. 
  • Take the practice test SERIOUSLY.
  • Take the rest of the test.  Take it seriously.  It is one of the factors that will influence what classes you will be able to take in the future.
  • If you absolutely DO NOT know an answer, use a "SKIP."
  • When finished, you may print and take the list of suggested books. 

Select 3 

If You Were Absent:

Arrange with us to take the Reading Inventory, and to write your informative writing pretest.

Study your spelling!
its/it's and to, too, two

Your weekly quiz is also due on August 26 for A-Day classes and August 29 for B-Day classes. 
On question #6  , go to the tab for "Seventh Grade Core," then to 

State Core for Parents and Students.