Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Cavetime Information

  • On the calendar for Cavetime, activities are listed  by teacher.   It shows which 
    days each teacher is  available for -- 

    • intervention -- kids who have D's or F's in the class, or
    • enrichment -- kids who have NO D's or F's 
    You will find copies of the calendar posted around the school, and one  just outside of our door.  

    Have a first and second choice of where to go in case your first choice is full or unavailable.
    • On request days teachers will usually take only students they have requested, so other students need to find somewhere to go.  If you are desperate to make up the grade in that class, ask your teacher ahead of time whether you can come in for regular intervention on a request day.   
    • If you have been requested, you will receive a special slip instead of the usual cavetime slip.  You must go to that class.  If you do not show up there, you will be called to talk with an administrator  later that day.  
    Request days are 
    • Tuesdays for English teachers and some electives (English takes priority.)
    • Wednesday for Math, 
    • Thursday for Science,
    • Friday for Social Studies and some electives (Social Studies/History takes priority.) 
    Other Rules and Directions 
    • Once students are in cavetime you need to stay there the whole time.
    • Teachers can't sign slips and send you to another class.
    • Give your slip to the teacher.
    • If you are failing multiple classes go to your core classes first (math, science, English, history).
    • If you have a white slip and no where to go you can go to the cafeteria.
    • If you lose your slip you go to the cafeteria.