Friday, August 19, 2016

Monday/Tuesday, August 22/23, 2016

Announcements and Reminders:
 August 25 is the last day to change classes without paying a fee. 
 Cavetime begins on September 6. 
 School pictures will be taken on September 8. 

Your disclosure signature sheet and VIP form are due by 
August 26.

See this link for needed supplies for this class:  

Welcome to English 7 2016-2017: Needed Supplies

Targets for Today:

Students will understand rules and procedures for our classroom.

Students will know the names of more of their classmates, and will know more about them.

Today’s  Agenda:

1. Self-Starter:  

          • Students will find their assigned seats in the classroom.
  • Students will pick up a copy of the class disclosure, look though it, and begin filling out the VIP form on the back.  
              • Your disclosure document signatures and VIP form are due by August 26.
2.  Students will complete a "scavenger hunt" within the disclosure document. 

3.  We will discuss the answers to the scavenger hunt and discuss some of our classroom procedures.

  • How to hand in papers  (Hand in your disclosure quiz.)
  • How to receive work back
  • How to save and organize your work
  • Where to keep your composition book 
  • How to find out what we did on a day you've been absent 
  • Where to find handouts when you've been absent
  • Where to go if we evacuate the school

4.  Mrs. Mace and Ms. Dorsey will briefly introduce themselves.  
Ms. Dorsey -- A Bit About Me

5. Students will receive their Take-Home Quiz-of-the-Week -- with spelling words to study.  
Your Take-Home Quiz-of-the-Week 
is due
 on Friday the 26th for A-Day classes/
Monday the 29th for B-day classes.
On question #6  , go to the tab for "Seventh Grade Core," then to 

State Core for Parents and Students.

A1 has not yet received these.  

6.  Students will interview each other in a sort of "speed-dating" activity. (This will be without the dating part: you're too young for that -- right?!) 
Utah State Core:  Language Arts, Grade 7:
Speaking and Listening 1

If You Were Absent:

Download the disclosure document from here: 
7th Eng Disclosure Dorsey 2016-2017 Aug.doc
To open it, click on the link above, then click on the download tab.
Or you can pick up a copy when you come back to class. 

Also print or pick up your quiz for the week.  
English 7 Weekly Quiz #1.docx

You will be able to catch up on the interviewing assignment if you return to class next time.

If you'd like to get better acquainted with our classroom and procedures, view this PowerPoint:

Intro to Room 200 Part 1 -- 2016-17.ppt 

Intro to Room 200 Part 2 -- 2016-17.ppt

Intro to Room 200 Part 3 -- 2016-17.ppt

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