Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wednesday/Thursday, August 24/25, 2016

Announcements and Reminders:
 August 25 is the last day to change classes without paying a fee. 

This Friday, Aug 26 is our first dance of the year. The 7th and 8th grade dance is from 3 to 4 after school and will cost $5 dollars.

  • Your disclosure signature sheet and VIP form are due by August 26.
  • Do not forget to also complete and hand in your take-home quiz on our class blog, and to make sure you know our spelling words for the test on September 1 or 2. 
  • On the take-home quiz, on question #6  , go to the tab for "Seventh Grade Core," then to 

    State Core for Parents and Students.

Cavetime begins on September 6. 
School pictures will be taken on September 8. 

See this link for needed supplies for this class:  

Welcome to English 7 2016-2017: Needed Supplies


Targets for Today:

I can write a short story with correct English.

I can navigate the media center.

Today’s  Agenda:

  • Find your same assigned seat.
  • If you brought it, hand in your disclosure signature sheet.
Do not forget to complete and hand in your take-home quiz -- 
mostly about the class blog.  (Study those spelling words, too!)

Do not write on the half sheet on your desk 
until you are instructed to do so. 
1. Take Theme Pretest

If you finish early, quietly read.  
No talking among students during tests.

2. Students will write a story based on some of the information from their interviews.  
Utah State Core:  Language Arts, Grade 7
Writing Standards 3, 4, 10
Language 2

Sample Story for "Imagine if. . . "


3. Last 30-35 minutes of class:  Media Center Presentation

  • How do you check out books?
  • How many books can you check out?
  • For how long can you check out books?
  • When is the media center open? 
  • Etc.

If You Were Absent:

Take the theme pretest when you come back. 

Ask us about writing the interview story.

A2 did this:

   A2:  Nominate fellow students to become members of our Hope Squad.  
These would be students who would be --
• Concerned about others
• Easy to talk to
• Good listeners
• Someone students could turn to if they needed a friend

2015 Steel Days Parade