Monday, August 29, 2016

Thursday/Friday, September 1/2, 2016

Announcements and Reminders:

Cavetime begins when we come back to school after Labor Day. Our first Cavetime will be a school-wide practice Emergency Evacuation, so be prepared to go find your A1 teacher!

Picture Days -- September 8 - 9.
 During September and October, the school counselors will meet with each 7th grader and their parents to discuss a College and Career Readiness plan. Please sign up for a time here!

  • Don't forget your second weekly take-home quiz!  It is due Sept. 6/7.
  • If you haven't handed in your disclosure signatures and VIP sheet, hurry!
  • Be reading your Book of the Month and sign up for it NEXT TIME if you haven't already.
Your next spelling test words -- test September 8-9

Is that your jacket?
You’re the best!

You stay here, and I’ll go there.
Their grades are superb!
They’re here.

Targets for Today:

I can identify a theme of a short story or movie clip. 

I can distinguish between the main characters of The Outsiders using my character chart.

Today’s  Agenda:

 It's time to organize our composition books! As you come in to class, grab your book from the crate if you left it in class, or pull it out from your backpack. Make sure your full name and period are on the front. 

      1. Open to the very middle of the composition book. On that page, add a sticky tab and write Class Notes.
      2. Now divide the front half into half again. On that page, write Writing Prompts and add a sticky tab. 
      3. On the front page, write CSI (Criminal Sentence Investigation).

Interview Story for A-Day only:  

Sample Story for "Imagine if. . . "

You will take your spelling test today on  to/too/two  and it's/its. 

Ms. Dorsey just received this from a teacher at our school -- not an English teacher! 
Can you find the errors?  
"Is there anyone who has successfully imported scores into Skyward from a spreadsheet? If so would you be willing to show me. I spent way to long here last night trying to get it to work."

Let's review a bit about theme.

The Outsiders Organizer  

You're also going to add character charts in the Classroom Notes section of your composition book. You'll add the character name on the top, then write "Looks like this..." on the first line. Give that 4 lines of space, draw a line to separate a new section, then write "Says this..." That section should have 9 lines. Draw another line for a new section, and write "Does this..." It should look something like this:

You'll need character pages for Ponyboy, Darry, Sodapop, Johnny, Steve, Two-Bit, Dally, Bob, Randy, and Cherry. 

And now... to take us back to the 1960s... Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!

Imagine you're in a dark theater watching this movie all by yourself. We'll listen to The Outsiders and take it from there!

Put away composition books in your crates, using your computer number as your folder number.

If You Were Absent:

Come talk to us and find a time to take the spelling test
Pick up an Outsiders Theme Organizer
Organize your composition book like described above (We have sticky tabs for you!)
In the class notes section, make the 6 character pages like described above.